A to Z Commercial Cleaning Services

Looking for an imposing cleaning services for your commercial areas? We offer complete Commercial Cleaning service at your doorsteps to help you with our experienced hands.

We know quality cleaning service are very crucial for a better working environment and for a healthy life as well. So, rendering you our best commercial cleaning services are our highest importance. We are enriched with our extensive experience and well-skilled cleaners.

Why should you employ commercial cleaning services?

Obviously, you would like to see your working spaces as a hygienic one. For meeting this purpose, you have to employ a reliable cleaning service. You can trust Ménage Total for getting a captivating look of your working places. We can guarantee you to give you back a healthy and attractive environment. Let's take a look what type of commercial cleaning services do we offer,

  • Office Space Cleaning

Certainly, you must like a lovely and clean office space. Office floor, desk, window, the cell must be cleaned in a proper way. We Ménage Total can gift you an impressive working environment by the help of our improved cleaning equipment. As we have professional workers to clean up your office, you don’t have to concern about your expensive property.

  • Restroom Cleaning

Restroom reflects the overall environment of your working place. So, it is of paramount importance to keep your restroom always clean and germ-free. To keep your restroom more flexible we are here to give an attractive look. We can offer you a glossy and smooth space by using our advanced equipment.

  • Shopping Center Cleaning

Cleanliness of your shopping has a direct impact on your business. So, cleaning of the shopping center is a must for the convenience of customers. We provide you the best commercial cleaning services as we have we-skilled staffs and enough experience. Use of modern technologies will ensure the safety of your property.

  • Factory Cleaning

Factory cleaning needs comparatively a complex maintenance which is done by our experts. We can render you our services in a short time but with the best quality. Every smallest part of your factory and instruments will be cleaned by our best effort. We use specialized machinery to clean industrial equipment as it requires high security measures.

  • Hospital Cleaning

The environment of the hospitals should be aesthetic and hygienic as it is a very sensitive place for the patients. We Ménage Total are always careful about the safety maintenance. As a result non-toxic and eco-friendly products are always used. We make hospitals germ-free and comfortable for the patients.

  • Other Areas

We render our services as our client’s requirements. We provide our services to business areas, resorts, restaurants, schools, and any other commercial establishments. Our cleaning services include mopping, dusting, pressure cleaning, vacuuming and trash removal.

  • Carpet Cleaning

Carpet can contain a vast amount of dirt and soil which is very detrimental to health. So, you should clean carpets of your working areas after a frequent period. We provide you dry cleaning, steam cleaning and more modern methods which ensure the safety of your expensive carpets. Stains are also removed to give a charming look. After all, we will give back your carpets like the new one.

  • Upholstery Cleaning

From the perspective of cleanliness, upholstery cleaning is equally important like others. Our experienced and we-skilled cleaners are very careful about your sensitive upholstery cleaning.

They will clean every part with great care so that there is no mistake. At last, you will be satisfied and will remember us.

  • Air Duct and Vent Cleaning

We Ménage Total also provide air duct and vent cleaning services as a minor part of commercial cleaning services. Cleaning air duct, you will facilitate with improved air quality. It will also help you to get a healthier environment.


Furthermore, we provide escalator and elevator cleaning, laboratory cleaning and other types of commercial cleaning services as per our client’s demand.

Our Services

 Finally, we Ménage Total are always committed to give our best services to our valued clients. We provide services such an effective way that you will confess our services as the best one. We are available at any time when you want. So, feel free to contact us for any kind of commercial cleaning services.

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