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The maids cleaners of our cleaning service is well organized and highly trained for cleaning multi-purposes.Our price is very affordable, and the workers are very reliable. We provide the below services for high end, luxury building requirements in Quebec, Canada.


We Qualimaid is a commercial and residetial cleaning service provider team having skilled workers who have an experience of more 10 years. The headquarters of Qualimaid is located at Laval and offices in Montreal and Quebec. We mainly provide various types of cleaning services. Our most important uniqueness to the use of ecological and green cleaning products and tools. We do no harm to nature and give the possible best quality house and office cleaning services for the customers. The whole work is done with excellent supervision.

With advance training and skills the cleaners at Qualimaid are professional housekeeping services in every cleaning service. Best cleaning technique, methods and product is used in the cleaning. The skilled cleaners work delicately to clean and give you a satisfactory cleaning with the highest standard. Call us when you need us. Step by step best cleaning procedures are put in place to carry out the cleaning process.

The mission of Qualimaid is to provide the customers of Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, North Shore, North Shore, Gatineau, Ottawa, Quebec, St-Nicolas, Lévis, Trois-Rivières, Bécancour, Nicolet, Saint-Célestin, Sainte-Catherine, Yamachiche, Shawinigan, Louiseville, Daveluyville, Pierreville, Drummondville and surrounding area with efficient cleaning service. To serve high substantial cleaning service to the community. Every cleaning is careful examined by the supervisors to bring out the extraordinary cleaning with satisfaction and guarantee.

Our Mission and Philosophy

Qualimaid main mission to provide exceptional and influential cleaning surfaces to the community. Having years of experience we feel proud and thrive to excel in the professional residential and commercial cleaning service.

Reasonable Price

All cleaning services such as a one-time cleaning, special event cleaning, housekeeping, and office deep cleaning is available at competitive pricing. With the best and high standard regular cleaning service, our Quebec maids cleaners ensure the residential cleaning and commercial cleaning services are budget-friendly to the customer.

Environmental Friendly Products

The residential and commercial cleaning service from us is powered with the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products. The use of green cleaning products enables to give a safe and healthier environment to reduce the risk of harsh chemicals.

Providing Services as per your needs

Qualimaid offers several house and office cleaning services as per the requirement and customer needs. Deep cleaning and basic regular cleaning service plans are available on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning packages.

Professional Cleaning Checklist for Maid

Cleaning Checklist

Virus and Bacteria in the house is the cause of health problem in Montreal. Keeping the house clean is hectic but comforting to keep the family and guests safe and healthy. Here is a professional cleaning checklist for the maid to know how and what to clean to reduce and control the spread of the disease.

Bedroom Cleaning Checklist for Maid

The maid has to wash the sheets and pillowcases every two weeks to kill the bacteria. Blankets and the comforters and bedding items don’t have a direct touch so it can soak in hot every month. Wiping the areas with an all-purpose cleaning solution such as the frames, surface and handles can prove beneficial. Our maids dust the bedroom as per the instruction of the owner. But it is recommended every ten days.

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist for Maid

The towel is in use more, so it is better to replace them after usage. Using hot water to kill the germs and drying it up. The maids clean the bathroom, including the floor and surfaces. Disinfection and sanitation of the toilet is the best way to keep the germs away. Our maids at Qualimaid are meticulous in mixing the chemicals and use separate cloths to clean the toilet and the bathtub for efficiency in the cleaning. Wiping high touch areas such as the switch and door frames help to reduce the bacteria.

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist for Maid

The Kitchen towels should be replaced and washed immediately after the usage to limit the exposure of the germs. The sponges can be boiled in the microwave for about 2 to 3 minutes to kill the bacteria. Sink washing with a cleaner and a regular cleaning from Qualimaid cleaners can keep the sink clean between uses.

Other Area Cleaning Checklist for Maid

A weekly vacuum of the carpet is necessary by the maid in the high traffic areas. Dirt can get inside the hose from the shoes and foot. Better to implement and no shoe policy in the house. Cleaning tile and hardwood floors by the maids can keep the dirt and grime away. The levels will be in top-notch shape. Better to get other home appliances clean as well.

Hiring Qualimaid

House owners in Montreal have always liked the service of Qualimaid in Montreal. For over ten years, we have been serving the residents with housemaid cleaning, maid cleaning services and many more. Make sure to make your life easier by hiring professional maid service from Qualimaid. Call for more information on (514) 654 4988 and book our maid services today.


Clean this Holiday Season

Clean this Holiday Season

With few days left for the Holiday season to start. It is a good idea for the space to clean this holiday season breaks in. Here is a checklist for the space to clean before this holiday season to entertain and inviting guests for a party and celebration.

Kitchen Cabinet

Let us dive into the cleaning session. Once in a year, a brilliant idea to check the canned foodstuff and going through the expiration date is compulsory. Everything is there you might consider donating some stuff to the local shelters. Our cleaners can work with you to free up space for the holiday and keeping the cabinet neat and clear as possible.

Fridge to Clean this holiday season

Holiday space cleaning is so much fun when you have free space for storing the right ingredients for the party. We clean the fridge and minimize the selection of storing frozen foods. You and your guests will be surprised at the easiness of making the food ready with a clean fridge and safe guideline.

Dish and Glass Storage

There are very fewer chances that holiday guests will be involved in serving the food and cleaning. We work smoothly with you to arrange and ensure proper storage space for the dish and glasses available. The napkins and other stuff are well organized and very easy to reach. Moreover, as professional space cleaner, we get a ready supply of the clean dish, and fresh towel available to you.

Closet and Living Area Storage

Every beautiful thing is to be ready for the holidays. Engaging in cleaning work is challenging but exciting. The expert cleaners decorate holiday setting clean the electronic gadgets and arrange the closet and the living area storage. The guests will feel happy if they will have to access the extra containers and indulge in the leftovers for a good reason.

 Guest Bed and Bathrooms

Most of us in Montreal have a family and love friend gatherings. It is best to have extra sleeping space and bathroom dedicated to the guess. We clean and finish up with the bed and bathroom space to be in shape. There is a slight chance that these spaces get cleaning once every season. By having the cleaning done from us with special event cleaning spaces, you are sure to have more time to focus on other works such as decorating and preparing for the menu.

Hope you enjoy our service for the space to clean this holiday season. If you are looking for a deep house cleaning, condo cleaning or a regular house qualimaid is nearby in Montreal to provide cleaning service. Please call us on (514) 654 4988 to book us for the best cleaning in town.


Keep Your Home Clean While Selling It

Keep Your Home Clean While Selling It

Your home is on selling in the market. The pressure is on you to keep your home clean while selling it. It is tough to wash the dishes in the kitchen, and it happens. Be sure you are not selling just the house but selling a new life.

You main job to keep the buyers feel great at home in Montreal is to keep your home clean while selling it. Keeping it free from clutter and use the space in a significant way. The house needs to be legitimate right. Here are some ideas that you can feel safe and enjoy a better price.

Reducing Square Footage

It is a better and beautiful idea to keep some rooms, not in use. The lesser the activity, the easier it will be to clean, and the route to maintenance will be fast.

Be prepared

The prospective buyer can visit the home anytime, and you have to move around. The best way to always be prepared to stay clean by taking care of the mess and the cluttered work in the morning, ensuring the house remains fresh throughout the day.

Swift Storage

Take some storage bins and keep them in each room. Also, you can dust, sweep and mop the floors and maintaining a proper track of the things for a perfect clean. Relax and be stress-free, and everything will be in the right place.

You are setting a Routine before leaving.

If a checking list makes you happy. Then keep the list ready as it can make you sure everything is complete before you leave the house. So the list may include:

  • Don’t set the Safety Alarm
  • Flushing the Toilets
  • Recycle and empty the trash cans
  • Cleaning the dishes and rinsing the sink
  • A walk through each room

A Professional Cleaning Company- A Better Choice

If you have not used a professional cleaning company, now is the best time to keep your home clean while selling it by hiring a cleaning service? A professional cleaning service will not only clean the windows and the bathtubs but will release the pressure and stress from you. They will help the best to deal with the clutter, dust, and grime and make the home spotless.


If you need help in the house cleaning before selling it, call us on (514) 654 4988 and give us a chance to serve you better and provide an efficient cleaning at the best rate possible. Try our services in Montreal and order a free estimate and quote.


Condo Cleaning Maid Service in Montreal

Condo Cleaning Maid Service in Montreal

Maid service is a term used for a specialized cleaning service. Providing cleaning service to home, office, business, and residential sector. Condo cleaning Maid service in Montreal is a different service. Delivered by a maid, and these services can be by both male and female individuals.

Economic Factors

In the modern world, few households can afford housekeeping staff. Maid service is utilized mostly as a cleaner. There is a lot of condo cleaning business in Montreal in which cleaning is a Women’s role. Also, many homeowners in Montreal lack the proper knowledge to use the safest and most efficient cleaning products.


Condo cleaning Maid service in Montreal usually performs domestic chores such as washing, cleaning, ironing, folding, and taking care of the kids and the pets. Most of the maid services in Montreal offer daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly work as well.

Difference between a Condo cleaning maid service and a cleaning service

The primary difference between the condo cleaning maid service and cleaning service is the maid is commonly to refer as a housekeeper that is to keep the house tidy and cleaner; a cleaning service is a contractual service, and they invoice their customers for the service they provide.

Service and Duties of a Maid Service for Condo Cleaning

In many ways, a maid service can be useful and helpful in the home. Some of the chores that the maid include are:

  • Cleaning hallways, lounges, restrooms, corridors, and stairways.
  • Health standards completely met by cleaning the rug, upholstered furniture using the vacuum.
  • Removal of trash emptying the waste and transporting waste to the disposal area
  • Changing the bed linens, towels, and replacement of cleaning supplies.
  • Sweep, scrub, and mop the floors.
  • Dusting, Polishing the furniture and equipment.
  • Up to date the storage and the carts to look clean and tidy.
  • Washing windows, walls, and woodwork as may seem necessary.
  • Disinfecting supplies and equipment using the disinfectants and other products.
  • Moving and arranging the furniture.
  • Washing and cleaning the kitchen, utensils, and appliances.

Maid Service Cost

The average maid cost in Montreal is $ 25 to $ 50 per hour, depending on the size and the service required. Homeowners can spend $116 and $235 in Montreal for a perfect house cleaning job and the home to be spotlessly clean.

Top Benefits of Hiring a Condo cleaning maid service

Why is it essential to hire a maid service? A question in many of the home and apartment owners in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. A primary thought why should someone do my chores and I pay? Look at some benefits of a maid service to take care of the dirty work and clean and bring back the house in shape.

  • Keeping up with the housework requires concentration and is a full-time job. Maid service cleans a house from taking care of the dirty dishes, the bathroom scrubbed down, the floors keep on shining, and taking care of the family and the pets isn’t that enough.
  • Another benefit when you hire a maid service they bring in the equipment and the cleaning product. You don’t have to worry about the stuff to buy from the store.
  • Professionals and trained maid individuals perform the cleaning service. They know they work on cleaning the spot and stains and when the deep cleaning system is in need of the house and what is the best product and tool.
  • Using a maid service in Montreal is best as they charge for the service and ensure that you are of importance when the cleaning comes. You will pay only for the function of the requirement example if a bathroom is to be clean, sanitized, and disinfected. They get the job done in no time at competitive pricing.
  • The primary benefit of hiring a maid service in Montreal is if you are missing the family time and want to spend and watch movies with the family. With the house cleaning done, you have more hours to spend with the loved ones and have fun.

Hiring Qualimaid Condo cleaning

Hiring a unique and different condo cleaning maid service in Montreal from Quali Maid cleaning company can help you get your life back in track. The service is cost-effective with value-added benefits. We do offer a one-time cleaning service to a particular cleaning service on request. Call us on (514) 654 4988 for a free estimate and quote and enjoy the best maid service in Montreal.

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