One-Time Deep Cleaning

One-Time Deep Cleaning

If you are going to host a party at your or apartment. Moreover, if a special meeting is going to be held at your office. There is a special event which requires a special kind of arrangements. You are in need of One-Time Deep Cleaning. Not to mention, Qualimaid provides you the entire range of cleaning services. We offer you best ever One-Time Deep Cleaning services. You need all clean your house, apartment, and office deeply on such occasions. Our professional one-time cleaning services finishes most of the cleaning works.

Furthermore, most of the work which is more visible, we sanitize these areas with a lot of care. Such as Floor cleaning, all rooms cleaning, kitchen, bathroom, and ceiling cleaning works. In fact, we add all those tasks which you demand.

Fast Cleaning Services

On these types of events, people have run short of time. They just want to get their space clean in no time. Guests are on the way, you have to make all the arrangements for that occasion. Furthermore, there are some portions which appeal cleaning services crucially. Like you want to disinfect your bathroom, remove bad odors from there, and deep cleaning of the kitchen.

Not to mention, these are time-consuming tasks but our professional cleaners deal with them very efficiently. We have advanced and updated technology, follow the unique cleaning procedures, and assure you the best One-Time Deep Cleaning.

Our One-Time Deep Cleaning Services include

One time cleaning is performed in possibly less time. In fact, the customer wants to get everything clean in minutes. We employ all of our professionals to meet your requirements. Our One-time cleaning services include the following tasks;

  • All surfaces dusting
  • Floor cleaning
  • Mopping works
  • Clutter removing services
  • Carpet dusting
  • Organizing Works
  • Walls cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning

In fact, we perform all those tasks which make a better image of your space. In the first place, our staff cleans all these spaces. If commercial offices Qualimaid offers you the best cleaning services of;

  • General area cleaning
  • Meeting hall cleaning
  • Dusting all the surfaces
  • Spots, smudges, and stains removing works
  • Table cleaning
  • Computer cleaning
  • Windows cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning, and
  • Entrance cleaning services


Spring Cleaning Services Montreal

Spring Cleaning Services Montreal

Spring season has set in, now its time to clean your house, apartment, and offices. Spring is the best season to clean these buildings. The prime object is to clean the debris, dust build-up, clutter, and mold & mildew. Not to mention, Qualimaid is the best cleaning company which offers you the entire range of cleaning services include the Spring Cleaning Services Montreal.

Winter season has come to an end it’s just beginning of spring season. The right time to get deep cleaning services. We are aimed to provide you expected cleaning services. In the first priority, We ensure meeting customer satisfaction.

Spring Cleaning Services Montreal

Furthermore, we offer our customers detailed, up to the standard, and deep cleaning services. We have a predetermined framework which includes each and every detail. When you ask for an estimate we provide you with the work schedule accordingly. You can get modify it and select a unique combination of services which fits your needs.

We are flexible in our working procedure. We meet your requirements, Our aim is to satisfy the customer by guaranteeing the high level of services at competitive prices. Qualimaid offers you these services

  • Deep carpet cleaning (dusting, vacuuming, and deep washing)
  • Removing the dust accumulation from the surfaces
  • Cobweb removing and ceiling cleaning services
  • Spots, smudges, and stains removing from the fixture and stainless steel objects.
  • Laundry cleaning
  • Bathroom disinfecting services
  • Kitchen cleaning services
  • Empty the trash bin and recycle the item which is recyclable.
  • Walls washing services
  • Grout cleaning
  • Window cleaning services

Furthermore, Qualimaid has a commitment to serve the customers professionally and goes beyond their expectations. We have some free services like when you ask for freezer cleaning we clean the area beneath the freezer. Clean the area below the carpet when you ask for carpet cleaning. Window cleaning with sills, mirrors, and frames.

In addition to this, Qualimaid has a prominent status in the cleaning industry. We have experience of 10 years in the cleaning services. Our work control system is so much effective, we fix all the cleaning related issues and problems without any damage to your assets. We are committed to serving them with professional and high-quality cleaning services. Charges for our services are nominal. But, we never compromise on the quality and satisfaction of the customers.

For further details contact us at (514)-654-4988 or visit our site

Your carpet is dirty? let us clean it

Your carpet is dirty? let us clean it

Health is a great blessing we do a lot of things to be healthy. Some people do exercise, jog, and running. Some prefer to eat healthy food. No one can deny cleanliness plays a humongous role in health maintenance. If your environment is neat, clean, and sanitized there are fewer chances to fell ill. There is a major factor is dust. If your air, floor, and carpet are dusty it can cause different issues for you. Like sneezing, coughing, throat ache,  allergens, and skin infections. If you want to get a clean carpet let the Qualimaid know about your needs. Not to mention we are the best cleaners in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. Your carpet is dirty? let us clean it.

Your carpet is dirty? let us clean it

No matter how hard you try to keep your carpet clean. It gets dirty in no time. A huge shoe feet traffic comes on it. The dust sticks to its fabric which is the worst thing for its quality, design, and appearance. It like thousands of blades cutting down the fabrics of the carpet. Not to mention, Qualimaid deals with all types of issues and problems. We perform a vital role as a safeguard to your fragile investment in these types of assets.

Deep Carpet Cleaning

Qualimaid performs all types of cleaning services in a professional way. We have a comprehensive work plan to clean a carpet. Our cleaning staff pays attention to every detail even if it is minor. We perform the following unique tasks to assure you a clean carpet.

  • In the first place, our cleaning staff removes all the clutter, objects, and small debris from the carpet surface. It clarifies the amount of work which we have to perform further.
  • We have all those resources, skillful manpower, high tech machines, and work control system. All these things make us prominent in the cleaning industry.
  • Our staff removes the dust, vacuum it with a high power vacuumer. Then we use best cleaning agents to make a solution to clean the spots, stains, spills from the carpet.
  • Our staff, first, removes the spots with agitating scrubbing. Apply the solution on the spots and give it gentle scrubbing which won’t harm the fabrics.
  • In the end, we give a deep wash to the carpet, We apply organic cleaning products to assure you a hygienic cleaning.

Our cleaning services are available at 24/7 round the clock. We are so much flexible in our working. Offer you daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleaning services. Our services are available at possible low and reasonable rates. We negotiate rates with our customers and reach a mutually accepted point.

Floor Cleaning - deep cleaning services

Floor cleaning requires time and experience to deal with the spots, stains, and dust particles stick in crevices and cracks. Even if your floor is new and you want to get it clean thoroughly, it’s time-consuming. Not to mention, Qualimaid bears that experience and skills which are important to deal with a dirty, messy, and unclean floor. We remove all the mess from there organize the clutter and deal with the debris. In fact, we provide you Floor Cleaning – deep cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.

Floor Cleaning – deep cleaning services

Our first priority and aim are to provide you professional cleaning services at a competitive and cost-effective price. Our services will fit your budget.  We offer you our skills, experience, and dedication to work at just nominal prices. Customer’s satisfaction is our first priority that’s why we work according to their instructions. We have a complete and comprehensive work plan. You can modify it according to your requirements and needs. We are flexible and adaptable to changes.

Floor cleaning ingredients

If you want to get green cleaning services you can get it easily. Qualimaid has a number of ways to clean the floor. We have skills to disinfect the floor using green cleaning products.

White vinegar, borax, and baking soda are the natural cleaners which have multiple uses. These cleaning agents can be used in cleaning the floor, kitchen, bathroom, walls, windows, and their frames. On and off we use bleach, castile soap, and lemon. Sometimes peroxide is better to use to deal with cleaning problems.

Advanced Equipment and Products

Qualimaid has the right tools for the right job. We have perfect and certified cleaning products along with professionals to clean different types of floors. Qualimaid provides you best slate floor cleaning, hard floor cleaning, wood floor cleaning, concrete floor cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, and tiles floor cleaning services.

We have the skills and our cleaning system of water-based finishes safeguard the wood flooring. It offers a rapid paper towel and dry rags the floor get dried up in a shorter time.

Important to know about floor cleaning

All factors are considered, as there are multiple kinds of floor and they should be cleaned and maintained accordingly. Moreover, Qualimaid considers seriously and communicates the highest level of cleaning options with its customers. Here it is necessary to mention, we communicate the pros and cons of each method with our customers and proceed with the customer’s chosen option. We have an experience of 10 years and we know it better how to clean different types of floors.

Contact us

For further information, queries, and questions you can call us at (514)-654-4988 or visit our site

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