Simple Spring Cleaning

Simple Spring Cleaning

Time of the year where the flowers bloom and birds chirp. The spring season is almost here and the time is for a simple spring cleaning.  Still, use the harsh chemicals, the spring cleaning to finish eco-friendly and perfectly.  The simple spring cleaning solution lies in the home and the ingredients that are used in day to day use and they are natural and eco-friendly and help get the job done. Here are some of the stuff that can help in cleaning in different ways.


Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent and can help in removing tough stains and grease. It can even be helpful in removing mold and mildew. Moreover, all with the benefit of adding some pleasant fresh smell in the home. For an all-purpose lemon cleaning solution you need:

  • 1/4 cup of lemon juice
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide

Now as the mixture is finally prepared move on and spray it on the surfaces and wipe it down with a microfiber cloth.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a popular ingredient and an efficient deodorizer. It is handy and useful to clean the countertops, sinks and the floors. Even when mixed with vinegar it can open the unlogged drains.

Mix the baking soda and the vinegar. Pour it down the drain and let it stay for an hour. Rinse it with hot water. For tough clogs pour the baking soda directly in the drain and then the vinegar. Flush it with hot water and you are done.

White Vinegar

There are many usages of vinegar in the house. it removes the soap scum and is useful as a degreaser. It is beneficial for dusting the blinds and cleaning the glass surfaces. By combining the vinegar with water and spraying on the glass surface. Wipe it down with a microfiber cloth. The cleaning solution will help the mirror glass stay fog proof for some days.

Smaller Sections

Effective and simple spring cleaning can be done by breaking the home area into smaller sections. Create tasks and work more efficiently. You can start up by doing from one end to the other.


A timer is a must for effective cleaning task. Set a timer to 10 to 15 minutes for each cleaning task. By this, you can help yourself in completing the cleaning without any distractions and completing and attending the cleaning task in stipulated time.

Short Breaks

Take a break upto 5 minutes between the cleaning process. Sit down relax and concentrate that you can efficiently do spring cleaning and satisfy yourself and keep the home clean and fresh.

Listen to Music while you clean

Listening to music will keep you motivated and working to finish the unpleasant tasks. Put on the headphones and move on to the tunes and handle and clean the dirt effectively.

Don’t Stress

Pick a time you want to clean and do the spring cleaning and take some days of cleaning. Commit yourself and take your time to finish up the cleaning the next day. If you arent is done on time relax and keep on the tunes moving up and don’t get distracted unless the job is done.

Do you want to make spring cleaning simple and easy? You can book and schedule a deep cleaning with We are there to help you and handle the difficult cleaning tasks for you. Pick up the telephone and call us on (514) 654 4988 for more information.

Maid Service Montreal

Maid Service Montreal

There are some questions to ask before selecting a maid service that comes to mind. Will I get any benefit from the maid cleaning service? The answer to this is neutral a Yes. We do believe that having a professional Maid Service Montreal will keep the home clean and it comes along with a lot of benefits.

Health Benefits

By using our housemaid maid cleaning system in Montreal we assure it is the perfect solution for the home. Everyone stays healthy in a clean hone. In the long run, each and every room cleaning care of by professional maids from wiping down to cleaning each surface and corner. Our health benefits cleaning solution keeps a check and gets the home germ and dust-free.


The professional maid service Montreal saves a lot of time that you spent on the cleaning. No matter whether it’s a deep cleaning or a regular house cleaning the maids handle and tackle each and every cleaning solution as per your requirement. The satisfaction is up to the highest standard and in keeping the home safe and environment-friendly clean.

Professional Clean

A professional cleaning company always hires that best cleaner for a professional Clean. The staff is highly skilled and trained to enter the home and clean out the dirt. Be sure to select the maid service like us which is insured and bonded. The services come often with a 100 percent satisfaction and guarantee. If the customer is not happy with the maid service in Montreal they return back to finish the cleaning job within 24 hours.

For Every Budget

Not to mention we with maid service Montreal as a professional cleaning company offer perfect maid cleaning plans customized specially for each and every resident. We keep in mind the budget of everyone and offer our cleaning service at attractive and affordable pricing. From one time cleaning to regular cleaning services to special Clea kng service, we have got you covered.

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Home Carpet Cleaning

Home Carpet Cleaning

A carpet is soft, comfortable and a great solution for the kids. It helps in reducing the slipping and falls and improving the quality of the air. You need a home carpet cleaning after the passage of the time as the carpet acts as an air-filter and accumulates a lot of dust and other particles. presents you with the best way for home carpet cleaning in this article that is easy and great to follow-up.

Vacuum the Carpet

The important step to keep a carpet clean is a thorough vacuum. The carpet is acting to trap a lot of dust and other particles. Make sure to vacuum and clean the carpet in the high areas once a day. Adapt the best home carpet cleaning or you can call us to visit your place and clean with the latest and approved vacuum cleaning.

Work slowly and the vacuum will remove the dust and dirt surely. A good rule for the professional carpet cleaning is not to overlap the path and use extension for the corner and other areas.

In the long run, you can use baking soda on the carpet first to clean and leave it for 30 minutes and vacuum it up. The baking soda removes and soaks up any odor that needs to be removed.

Treat the Stains

A recommendation from professional carpet cleaners that don’t leave the stains on the carpet unattended. Treat it as they happen. Remember dont rub the stain as it will only spread around and male it easier to go down the fiber. Soe of the stains is pretty easy to remove.

You can just use dish soap with water and with this mixture, you can easily remove the dirt and grease stains. Moreover, a likely solution to using vinegar with water will remove any odors. A smile way is to blot the stain and clean it up with a dry towel.

Home Carpet Cleaning

The home carpet cleaning machines can be found in the stores. Most of the people use the bristle and mixture of water to clean the carpet fibers. To properly follow-up use the mixture of half cup vinegar with a gallon of water to remove the residue completely. Making sure that the carpet does not soak up. Take small steps to complete and remove any excess water in the carpet cleaning. Use fans to speed up the drying time of the carpet.

Call the Experts

A simple way of keeping the carpet clean in the home is to call professional carpet cleaning twice in a year. It is the best solution for the longevity of life of the carpet and keeps it looking the best. Professional cleaning machines with the cleaning companies act much better. In fact, a professional carpet cleaning company will use the best and safe cleaning products. be sure to check the warranty of the carpet for any further requirement. is an expert cleaning company for cleaning the carpets. We can clean up the dirt of the carpet, and keep the carpet fresh and in a great look. You can always contact us on (514) 654 4988 for booking details and services.

Green Maid Service

Green Maid Service

A lot of pollutants and allergens are found in the environment inside the home and out. This causes allergies and sickness. Moreover, many people think that the air inside the home is safe and free from dust but often the dust is the main cause of cold and flu. With innovation always happening in the cleaning industry a suitable option to keep the home clean and free of dust and allergies the green maid service. Today we are here to shed some light on the green maid service that improves the living condition and environment. Green cleaning is safe for both the environment and safety of every one health.

How Green Maid Service can help you?

We all know how important cleaning is and everyone has the knowledge of cleaning house to some extent. When you use the green cleaning maid service and products, you help minimize the number of chemical detergents use in the home. it is very difficult to shift to green maid service for cleaning but Qualimaid. ca chooses Eco-friendly cleaning products for a nice and efficient clean.

A green maid service not only provides you with thorough deep cleaning but adds up more advantages in cleaning the air of the home. A team of professional cleaners use vacuum system to clean bacteria, allergens and viruses. The regular and frequent visit of the maid service will help you improve the quality of cleanliness and make the family and friends breathe easy.

Importance of Green Maid Service

It is very important to know that getting the place clean is not enough. How it is clean is very important factor. A green maid service enables to get the things clean, but they offer you that cleaning green is healthier for the environment and home and the best type of cleaning. You can get a free estimate and quote for the green cleaning service by filling in the contact form.

What are Dust mites and why they cause allergy?

Dust mites are normally ting bugs found in every indoor space. You dust every day but cant get red of the dust mites properly. Dust mites grow and eat on the dead skins cells of the people and pets. We cannot lay the blame totally on the dust mite for the dust and allergy but one should adapt to regular deep cleaning and use the latest green methods to remove the dust mites effectively to remain in a free air that is environment healthy.

Why Green Maid Service

Indoor pollutants like the dust mites, mold and tobacco smole get into the air and the capets make life miserable. cleaners vacuum these surfaces to tackle and take out all the contaminants and take care of your cleaning problem by using green cleaning products.

Go green and find out the difference of cleaning yourself. Call us on (514) 654 4988 to book a safe environmental friendly maid service. Sit, enjoy and relax and safe clean home and let us make your cleaning job perfect.