Cleaning Services in Montreal

Professional Cleaning Services in Montreal

Professional Cleaning Services in Montreal

Menage Total Cleaning has some expertise in Commercial full-benefit janitorial and residential cover, territory mat and upholstery cleaning administrations. We serve the Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. We separate ourselves from the opposition through incite reaction to our clients’ needs and an outstanding staff of reliable and broadly ensured experts. When you employ Menage Total Cleaning Services, you are selecting an exceedingly qualified and very much prepared cleaning group.

Let us precisely and expertly handle each part of your cleaning needs both at home or in the workplace. For our private clients, we clean covers, region carpets, and upholstery. You will appreciate a similar quality cleaning administrations for your business or medicinal center, including every day janitorial, cover cleaning, tile care, window washing, control parking, garage clearing. In Short, All that we do is finished with meticulousness and care for your condition. When we complete, you will be left with remarkable outcomes!

Menage Total has exceedingly inspected and has been perceived for quite a long time as the best in our locale at what we do. This is an aftereffect of our devotion to making durable associations with our clients, and our duty to the consideration of our condition. We don’t give anything, however, the most noteworthy nature of cleaning administrations with our definitive objective being your fulfillment.

Residential Cleaning Services

Cover Cleaning, Area Rug Cleaning and that are only the tips of the iceberg! for Your Household

Cover cleaning and also other private cleaning administrations are fundamental. Most people don’t need their indoor rugs, upholstery, and mats to look (and smell) like nature. And keep in mind that we as a whole love our children, stupendous children, companions, neighbors, and pets—we don’t love the stuff they track into our homes. Or then again the scents they desert. Also Or then again the grime that definitely discovers its way into the texture of the furniture.

Business Cleaning Services

Proficient Cleaning For Your Business or Clinic

Our fast and earnest reaction to every client’s needs and the nature of our staff are what separate us from our opposition. From a month to month cover cleaning, to also standard janitorial administrations, we can deal with each business cleaning need, free of the problem for you. We esteem us some long-haul associations with zone entrepreneurs and supervisors. It might sound cliché, however, we truly to do love what we do.

Get in touch with Menage Total today for all your cleaning needs. Call us now and get your office, home or whatever you want to be cleaned.

Professional Sofa Cleaning Service

Sofa Cleaning Services Montreal

Sofa Cleaning Services Montreal

Your couch or upholstered furniture is produced using diverse blends of filaments. Along these lines, every fiber has diverse qualities and reacts contrastingly to cleaning. For instance, silk, fleece, cotton, acetic acid derivation, metal strands, nylon, and polyester are few precedents of the most utilized.

Like such a significant number of things in your home, each household item one of kind and requires exceptional consideration. That is the reason when it confesses all your upholstered or upholstered furniture.

Upholstery Cleaning

At Menage total Cleaning Services Montreal, we join a specific significance to the sort of fiber to give a cleaning administration that lives up to your necessities and desires. Amid the examination we choose what cleaning strategy will utilize, relying upon the kind of material and level of dirty.

Upholstery Cleaning Solutions

Our vast scope of cleaning arrangements guarantees faultless outcomes and ensures your fulfillment inevitably. Menage total couch and Upholstery Cleaning administrations in Montreal has practical experience in a wide range of Furniture Cleaning. Furthermore, we just utilize non-harmful items, ok for kids, pets and the earth.

The qualified and experienced upholstery specialists at Menage total represented considerable authority in numerous troublesome approaches to clean materials, including jacquard, velvet, and Haitian cotton.

Prior to starting, the cleaning masters precisely analyze the texture and development of each piece before choosing the cleaning technique. Most appropriate to the material, to guarantee that your furniture will get the particular consideration they require.

A solution for cracked sofas and stained chairs

The calfskin couch is wonderful and great furniture, however, requires some normal support to keep all its stylish and quality. It should dependably stay splendid, vivacious and adaptable, and not lose its unique shading can blur or wash off after some time. It might even bother the magnificence and amicability of your room, driving you to supplant it sooner than anticipated.

Apartment Cleaning Service Montreal

Apartment Cleaning Services

Apartment Cleaning Services

Walking in a clean and tidy home, whether it’s an apartment or a condominium is an awesome feeling.  Most of the apartment dwellers are the people who work in some office and don’t find much time for cleaning their apartment after a long tiring work day.  But don’t be worried. provides you with wonderful apartment cleaning facilities. Whether you are looking for occasional or regular cleaning services for your apartment, we will come up with a cleaning plan that suits your living style and makes you comfortable. Our maids and workers are expert at their work. Also, all of them are trustworthy. The company guarantees complete protection of the owner’s belonging.

So, if you own a small apartment and are looking for the best cleaning services, is best for you. You can book a cleaning service for a set time. It can be as short as one hour. For example, a maid can do the following chores in one hour:

  • Dust all the furniture
  • Clean the toilet
  • Clean the shower
  • Vacuum/mop the floor
  • Get 1 or 2 other tasks done

The above list is just an example of the work a maid can do to give you a sense of how the cleaning service works. But if you are looking for a better cleaning service, the 2 hour or more time service will work for you. Weekly or monthly apartment cleaning services are also perfect. These visits typically include the following services:

  • Bedrooms:

Windows, mirrors, picture frames, furniture- we dust it all! We can also clean the bed and make it look tidy. Once the room looks clean, we vacuum the floor as well.

  • Kitchen:

We clean your small kitchen appliances (eg toaster, coffee maker etc) with a wet cloth. We clean the splatter on the inside of your microwave oven and scrub the stove as well.  Next we wipe off the dust from the cabinets, kitchen table and chairs. Finally, we vacuum or moo the floor for a shiny look.

  • Living room:

Similar to the bedroom, we start our work by dusting the surfaces, such as picture frames, furniture, etc and the television also. Then we vacuum or mop the floor for a tidy finish.

  • Bathrooms:

We start from the top to bottom. First, we clear the cobwebs, sinks, mirrors, tub, showers etc. then we sanitize the toilet to remove any unwanted germs. Finally we mop the floor. is the best  cleaning company that provides apartment cleaning facilities. It holds the most trusted name in apartment cleaning. Like the above description of the work we do? Then what are you waiting for? Go to our website and book your cleaning service now!

Montreal Home Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services

Life happens. Kids spill drinks, pets have accidents and homes get dusty. Menage Total, Montreal Home Cleaning Services Professionals have the expertise to provide a deeper clean than your basic house cleaning service. The Montreal Home cleaning services performed by Menage Total will not only ease the burden of the constant maintenance of your home but will also create a secure clean and comfortable living environment for you and your family in Montreal.

Our trained teams of professional cleaning specialists will tackle dirt, dust, and grime and leave your home shining bright like a diamond. We provide Montreal home cleaning services throughout the town and always focus on cleaning for a healthier environment. products and extensive industry experience give us a leg up when it comes to leaving your house cleaner, and safer than ever before. Our housekeeping process eradicates more contaminants and allergens than conventional cleaning techniques, which is especially beneficial to allergy and asthma sufferers.

Our Montreal Home Cleaning Services


  • remove cobwebs
  • clean mirrors & tile ledge
  • wash sink
  •  vanity items
  • fingerprints
  • cabinet doors
  • baseboards
  • sweep /clean floor
  • clean door frames
  • clean bath/shower
  • wash floor
  • wipe window ledges


  • remove cobwebs
  • clean switches plates
  • empty baskets
  • mirrors
  • dust doors knobs
  • under furniture
  •  baseboards
  • dust pictures
  • window sills

Living/Dining Room

  • clean door frames & tops
  • dust frames & pictures
  • mirrors
  • window sills
  • floors & stairs
  • lamps & light fixtures

Welcome to The Menage Total, the master in residential house cleaning services in the Great Montreal Area. We take our services very seriously. We make sure after every cleaning performed that our clients are satisfied and that we met your house specific cleaning needs. Whether you are looking to clean your house, apartment, condo or cottage, you are at the correct place. We are the masters in Montreal, Longueuil, Laval,  when it comes to Montreal Home Cleaning Services. We offer daily, recurrent house cleaning servicesdeep clean, pre/post-renovation cleaning services, moving in/out cleanings and much more. Our team is composed of very qualified experts, maids, and housekeepers that are ready to provide you with high quality, consistent house cleaning services. Call now and get the best house cleaning services in Montreal.

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