Montreal House Cleaners

House Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Services

A house is a place which requires cleaning services on a regular basis. The family members live in a house together it gets dirty and messy. You want it to get clean but most of the people don’t have time to do that. If you are looking for the best cleaning company in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil city, let the ménage total know about your requirements. Ménage total is the leading cleaning company in Montreal city providing you the entire range of cleaning services. We are the best house cleaners ever in this city serving you over the last number of years.

Ménage total provides you not only house cleaning services but it also provides you the best office cleaning services, janitorial services, residential cleaning services commercial cleaning services and industrial cleaning services. Ménage total is the best cleaners providing you unique restaurants cleaning services, school cleaning services, and daycare cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil cities. We are the reliable house cleaners as we clean each and every portion of your house.

Best Cleaners in Montreal

A work done by a professional gives a unique look, similarly the cleaning which is done by professional cleaners satisfy your needs and requirements. Ménage total is the best cleaners in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil cities serving you in all types of cleaning services. If you to get deep clean your house, apartment and office just contact ménage total. Ménage total has professionally trained team of cleaners which provide you best move in cleaning, move out cleaning, maid services in Montreal, spring deep cleaning, carpet cleaning and green cleaning services in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil cities. Ménage total has a distinguished status in the cleaning industry.

We don’t compromise on the quality of cleaning services. Ménage total provides you high-quality cleaning services. Menage Total is providing you the entire range of cleaning services according to your requirements and needs. Ménage total offers you different kinds of cleaning agreements like daily cleaning services, weekly cleaning services, biweekly and monthly cleaning services.

You can hire the services of our best cleaners as and when you are in need. We are providing you our best cleaning services on a regular basis 24 hours a day and 365 days a year round the clock. They use health friendly and organic cleaning products in cleaning your house. Ménage total charges just nominal rates for its best and professional cleaning services. Our cleaners do not compromise on the quality of cleaning services. We are committed to providing you high-quality cleaning services in Montreal.

Montreal Floor Tile Cleaning

Floor Tile Cleaning Services

Floor Tile Cleaning Services

Menage total is in residential and commercial cleaning services industry since 2010. During all these years, we have built a solid customer satisfaction.. Our mission is to provide high-quality home cleaning services.


85% of customers surveyed would never return to an if the floors were dirty and unclean. Make your floors to their original beauty with Ménage Total Floor Tile cleaning service.  Ménage Total Floor Tile Deep cleaning with heat, pressure, extraction removes drier specific soil than any other cleaning method.

Moreover, Menage Total cleaners have experience and skills and background-checked and are available to be at your home or workplace in no time overall. Moreover, the most vital reason that created our deep home cleaning services competitively priced is that we decide to be cheap. house cleaning, residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, organic cleaning products,  office cleaningrestaurant cleaningschools cleaningdaycare cleaning, hospital cleaninggym cleaningwarehouse cleaning, maid cleaning services, clean office, clean home, , window cleaningfloor cleaningapartment cleaningcondo cleaning and providing inspection and maintenance activities at constant intervals for a certain defined period.


Ménage Total Deep Floor Tile cleaning your tile and grout can increase the life of your floors. This decreases the risk of slips and falls for your clients and workplace employees by increasing traction. Revive your tile, grout and other hard surfaces to a like new condition with the Ménage Total Floor tile cleaning and grout cleaning service.

Ménage Total Floor cleaning can help restore your natural floors with cleaning & polish service. Try Ménage Total professional deep cleaning in Sharpening and cleaning your regular floor


Your floors are clean as your mops. Dirty mop heads are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. With Ménage Total Floor Tile Cleaning and Mop Cleaning service, your mops are sanitized and replaced each week.


  • Daily Maintenance is Much Easier – Our staff will be able to maintain day-to-day cleanliness in one-third of the time.
  • Ménage Total High-Pressure Cleaning – Removes build-up that brushes can’t reach, and eliminates the need to touch contaminated surfaces


  • Improves the cleanliness of your facility, enhancing your company’s image, safety and floor care.
  • Protects your venture by expanding the life of your ground surface
  • Improves indoor quality
  • Using a combination of truck mounted and portable units, we can clean every inch of your facility.

How to Find a Cleaning Lady

Professional Cleaning Lady

Professional Cleaning Lady

If you are looking for a Cleaning Lady and want to find one without hassle, then you came to the right place. Whether you live in MontrealLongueuil or Laval or any other city. Menage Total cleaning Lady Montreal is easily available throughout Montreal for an affordable price.

Exclusive Benefits

Menage Total Cleaning Lady Montreal knows trust and reliability is important for home and office cleaning service.

Most of the people want regular cleaning service to perform by the best cleaning lady service with the individual and basic need to home cleaning. Many cleaning agencies do not provide this cleaning lady service.

Menage Total Cleaning Lady Montreal provide the best cleaning services available throughout Montreal. Menage Total cleaning lady staff is responsible and perform multiple cleaning tasks.

Cleaning Staff

You can, of course, different Menage Total Cleaning Lady Services and Menage Total offer the best services through their staff and latest cleaning products. If you are particularly satisfied with one of our cleaning service, you can book for a regular cleaning service.

Moreover, Menage Total Cleaning Lady Service can provide a replacement if the staff fixed for a regular cleaning lady services is on sick leave or holiday leave. You don’t need to worry about anything. We take care of all your headaches. Menage Total cleaning lady services can come to your home as per your request.  Menage Total offers regular apartmentofficecondo cleaning on a one or two -week cleaning basis.

Customizable Cleaning Plan:

Menage Total Cleaning Lady services plan is flexible and easy to adapt and request. You can cancel, postpone, or add additional cleaning services.  The best part of Menage Total Cleaning Lady Service is that services can be ordered and canceled conveniently online.

You can easily view and manage and track down your cleaning services appointments and bills. As a family with children, Menage Total Cleaning Lady Service Professional know how important the help of a professional cleaning service is.

However, it is hard to find reliable, fast and affordable cleaning service but you can always depend on Menage Total Cleaning Lady Service Montreal. Menage Total shall be very happy to serve the customers.

Kindly book Menage Total Cleaning services for everything to run smoothly and your apartment will always be fresh and clean

Small House Cleaning Service

Small House Cleaning Services

Small House Cleaning Services

In the first place, if you need of home cleaningapartment cleaning service, Menage Total Small House CleaningMontreal is afterall simply the most convenient home cleaning service. Not only but also, Menage Total Small House Cleaning Montreal knows you want the cheapest house cleaning.  After all, By having the confidence that you will receive the best service which is professional after all.


 Bedroom, Living Room and Other Areas

  • Dust all surfaces
  • Clean down all mirrors and glass fixtures
  • Clean all floors
  • Throw out garbage and trash


  • Wash and sanitize the toilet.
  • Dust all surfaces
  • Clean all mirrors and glass fixtures
  • Clean all floors
  • Throw out the garbage and sent for recycling.


  • Dust all surfaces
  • Empty sink and fill up dishwasher with dirty dishes
  • Clean down exterior and interior of stove, oven, and fridge


Equally important, when you book a cleaning service through Menage Total Small Home cleaning service we to come to your home at your convenient time. Usually, with Menage Total Small House Cleaning you can be assured to get the best service.

Not only but also, Menage Total Small House Cleaners will help clean your bedroomsbathroomskitchenliving room, to look like a new condition that you see from when you first moved in afterall.


In the first place, Late night at work shifts prevent you from keeping your home Clean? You are busy taking the kids to school, practices, to vacuum the floors? Menage Total Small House Cleaning knows life is crazy and unpredictable afterall.

By and Large  Menage Total Small House Cleaning knows to value its customers and knows they are tired and overworked.  The last thing anybody wants is to clean their home.

As shown above, this is the main reason you are looking for home cleaning service, Overall, Menage Total Small House Cleaning Service is easily available and accessible.

Book House Cleaning Services at Menage Total Small House Cleaning Montreal

In the first place, If you need home cleaningapartment cleaning, All things considered, Menage Total Small Housecleaning is simply the best, most affordable home cleaning service. Menage Total Small House Cleaning knows you want the cheapest house cleaning available.

Not to mention, when you sign up for Menage Total Small House cleaning Service Montreal, our mission is to offer excellence with customer satisfaction.

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