Window Cleaning Tips

Window Cleaning Tip

Window Cleaning Tip

Wash your windows the quickest path with perfectly clear, sans streak results. Have a go at washing windows with a squeegee and you’ll never return to a shower container and paper towels. Squeegees get your glass clear and streak free in a small amount of the time it takes with paper towels. Look at the fundamental gear you require and the straightforward strides to pursue quick, clear outcomes when cleaning windows.

Clean the edge first

A great deal of grime can cover up in the window tracks and outline, and when blended with window cleaner. It might shape an unattractive slime that can trickle onto the glass while cleaning. To evacuate the coarseness, utilize a toothbrush and a sprinkle of heating soft drink and vinegar to clean inside the tracks, at that point wipe away any outstanding buildup with a wet cloth.

Paper is terrible news

Paper towels and papers are ordinarily abused as items for scouring and drying the glass—yet they simply separate and abandon build up. Utilize a microfiber fabric to carry out the responsibility rather; it will get soil and residue and desert nothing.

Put resources into a squeegee

The most ideal approach to guarantee streak sparkle is to ensure all the water and cleanser are expelled from the window. Utilize an elastic bladed squeegee instrument to keep running over the glass start to finish to rub away overabundance water.

Repulse rain

On the off chance that you live in an atmosphere that gets a great deal of rain. You might need to attempt a rain-repellent treatment for your windows. All the more usually utilized on vehicle windshields, these claim to fame shower items cause water to dot up and move off windows. All the more effortlessly, prompting fewer stains.

Defuzz screens with a buildup roller

For regular upkeep, you can utilize a sticky build-up roller to expel residue and earth from your window screens. For a profound cleaning, pop the screens of the window and wash with cleanser and water.

Clean twice per year

It’s a decent practice to wash within and outside of your windows two times per year, in the fall and spring, to anticipate the development of extreme mineral stores from the rain. The more you put it off, the more profound set the stains progress toward becoming and they more you’ll have to depend on harsher synthetic concoctions for evacuation.

Perfectly clear

Shining clean windows can be yours without procuring an expert. You simply need to comprehend what to utilize, and how to utilize it.

Housemaid Cleaning Service

Housemaid Cleaning Services

Housemaid Cleaning Services

You can request for a cleaning or housekeeping session through a phone call or through an email. We will make a cleaner’s reservation for a time and day convenient for you and then cleaner will be dropped at your location as per the time booked. We take reservation through Facebook and Twitter as well. If you don’t have cleaning products, no need to fret. Just let us know at the time of booking and Menage Total Maids will have everything ready to make your office or home spic n span responsibly.

If required, we will carry a complimentary assessment of the location before delivering the cleaning services in Montreal and will recommend the required type of cleaning service. We can also recommend a cleaning/housekeeping schedule for your office or home based on your lifestyle. Our home cleaning services include kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, lawn cleaning, bedroom cleaning, etc. We also provide office/warehouse cleaning, Clinic/hospital cleaning, cinema/theatre cleaning, school/college cleaning, restaurant/hotel cleaning, move in/move out cleaning, post-construction cleaning, etc.

We also offer Seasonal-cleaning, after party cleaning, a one-time deep cleaning through reliable maids in Montreal. For general Cleaning Menage Total Maids’ 105 Points Cleaning Checklist is your best-cleaning bet.

Items not included in the checklist can be added to your home cleaning appointment when making the cleaning reservation.

Cleaning Services You’d Expect From Professionals You Can Trust

Simply schedule a cleaning time, and we’ll work around your schedule. We offer the following cleaning services:


  • Clean Appliances, Countertops
  • Clean Stove Top & Exterior of Major Appliances
  • Wipe down Table and Chairs
  • Vacuum and Wash Floors


  • Scrub and Clean Showers and Bathtub
  • Clean Vanity, Sinks and Mirrors
  • Wash Floors and Vacuum

All Rooms

  • Dust and Polish Furniture
  • Dust Window Sills, Shelves and Wood Ledges
  • Empty Trash, Change Bed Linens
  • Ceiling Fans and Fixtures
  • Clean Banister and Vacuum Stairs
  • Vacuum Carpets, Rugs and Wash Floors
  • Clean Entryways and Laundry Rooms

We’re Your Trusted Cleaning Professional!

At Menage Total, we treat your home with as much care and attention to detail as though it was our own. Just like you’d expect, our dedicated teams will remove the smudges, get rid of the stains, and transform your home into the immaculate abode you’ll always be glad to retreat to. Contact us to receive a free quote, and schedule your first home cleaning today!

Dirty House Cleaning Service

Cleaning Services For a Dirty House Clean

Cleaning Services For a Dirty House Clean

Finish The Dirt

It very well may be hard to keep your home clean constantly. Between work, after school exercises with the children, and the majority of the curveballs life tosses our direction, staying aware of housekeeping can appear to be an unthinkable errand. Furthermore, for a few of us, our messiness can surpass our homes without us notwithstanding acknowledging it. Is it accurate to say that you are feeling overpowered by the wreckage that appears to have shown up out of the blue in your home? Take a read beneath to take in more about how Menage Total can help.

The Kitchen

Our kitchens have a frightful propensity for gathering scraps, soil, grime, and all way of unfortunate flotsam and jetsam easily. Before we know it, our kitchens are in no shape for us to get ready sustenance. That is the reason when you pick Menage Total, you can rest guaranteed that our accomplished eyes won’t let any pieces or soil escape with stowing without end on your floor, ledges, or in those difficult to achieve zones that appear to draw in grime.

While we’re there, we’ll make certain to expel any webs your eight-legged-flat mates may have developed without you knowing. Other than being a blemish, bug catching networks trap heaps of bugs and flotsam and jetsam. Basically aren’t what you need staying nearby your kitchen. Regardless of whether your sink, refrigerator, or ledges are in the most noticeably awful shape. We’ll get every alcove and crevice unblemished before we proceed onward to different territories of your home.

The Living Room

Our lounges/sanctums are the place we engage visitors, twist up with a book, or veg out before the ‘tube. In the manners in which you’re utilizing your family room, you’re making a ton of pedestrian activity. This prompts filthy floors and residue (dead skin cells) amassing on furniture and baseboards. Our accomplished Menage Total staff realizes exactly how to deal with your dusty cave and get it back fit as a fiddle before your next get-together — or night in less than a cover with a book. In case you’re prepared for your home to get the cleaning treatment you realize it merits, contact us today to plan your next home cleaning arrangement.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

Your cover is the substance of your business. Each individual who strolls in leaves a tad of themselves in it, regardless of whether that is earth, dust, or other disagreeable stuff. In any case, as an entrepreneur, you can’t spend a fortune on business cover cleaning.

At Menage Total Carpet Cleaning, we’re your nearby, proficient, sensible decision for business cover cleaning! Our group is guaranteed and prepared to clean covers, upholstery, and more in an exceedingly effective way. We’re generally on-time, respectful, and prepared to meet your cleaning needs. We’ll clean and aerate your floor coverings, abandoning zero buildups. Get A Competitive Quote Today.

Why Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

Diminishing mileage on your floor coverings and also upholstery is critical to helping them last more, which helps your primary concern. My Trusted Carpet Cleaners’ expert administration, we’ll expel the earth and other issue stuck in your cover which can scratch the strands and lessen its life expectancy.

Your cleaning administration’s vacuum essentially can’t expel all the grating dry soil – that is a key reason cover makers require proficient cover cleaning as a feature of their guarantee and for continuous consideration.

Cleanable Materials

  • Carpets (counting stairs)
  • Area Rugs
  • Upholstery

The Best Tools

We also utilize the best cleaning as well as arrangements and hardware to altogether clean your office rugs.

  • Profound Vacuuming

We also profoundly vacuum your working environment floor coverings dispensing with earth, residue, allergens, and pet hair found in the cover fiber.

  • Steam Cleaning

We steam clean soil and grime from your cover and eliminate microbes utilizing a to a great degree safe cleaning arrangement. First, we pre-splash the cover, at that point steam it (at temperatures up to 235° F), and concentrate. This guarantees your cover dries rapidly, also while expanding floor covering sturdiness.

Why Choose Menage Total?

  • Menage Total proficient group abandons zero buildups.
  • Our business cover cleaning administration purifies the workplace killing microscopic organisms.
  • Our benefit decreases regular allergens in floor coverings, including dust bugs, pet dander, dust, and some more.
  • The our group works around your bustling timetable.

Get a competitive quote today and enjoy our services in all areas of Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.

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