Laval and Longueuil Cleaning lady

Best Cleaning Lady Montreal

Best Cleaning Lady Montreal

This is no ambiguity such a boisterous task and deals to wipe the home if you have a really tough or overloaded schedule and during this time what a person requires is the Housemaid Cleaning Services. To acknowledge this issue, we as a Menage total Cleaning Services offer all of you the best housemaid Cleaning Services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. In today’s active world, when people don’t have time to perform their household duties, one can’t comprehend to continue their busy life without having a cleaning lady. Household works like sweeping, cooking, taking care of kids and house, are such challenging works which a normal human being can’t do because of its call of duty. For these types of works, people appoint a workforce so that they can observe their outdoor duties. So, one thing is obvious here that a Maid has huge significance in our life.

  • Significance for House Cleaning

It is certainly important for everyone to have its house neat and clean. You can’t afford to have your house untidy when you enter after your tumultuous work throughout the day. A maid steps in this case and takes the responsibilities of your house in her own hands. Imagine guests come to your house when the house is not cleaned? You simply can’t afford it. Therefore, it is really critical to have a maid for cleaning of a house. We being a Menage total Company provide the best cleaning ladies in Laval and Longueuil.

So if you are seeking for any kind of fine, adequate and reliable house maid cleaning services in Laval and Longueuil, then we as a menage are there to offer you the astounding and mature Cleaning lady Services.
In spite of this, we fully ensure our customers by offering them the finest green products that are totally innocuous and contains no side effects. As we know that how crucial a healthy environment is and to make this environment sustainable we, with the help of our staff are always there to deliver and give you the best as much as we can.

So what are you waiting for, pick up your phone and call us away at any time of the day and let us serve you!

Montreal Cleaning Lady

Cleaning Lady Montreal

Cleaning Lady Montreal

If you are looking for an efficient and hardworking Cleaning lady in Montreal, then we are the
right place to look for. We as a Menage total are there and ready to offer you the finest and sophisticated Cleaning Services in Montreal. It is very tough to do all the house chores yourself
after a long hectic day, and for this reason, we bring you the best cleaning ladies in Montreal who
will wipe away all the dust and trash from your house. Trained at a very high professional level
under strict supervision they are a pro at whatever they do. Apart from being highly professional our Cleaning Ladies in Montreal are amiable and are given proper workshops where they are taught the best interactive skills for an employee. As well as the staff that we offer is very much helpful and know the tactics that how to entice and appeal you by giving the spotless and spontaneous cleaning credentials.

In spite of this to know more about our menage total cleaning services without any asking have
a look at the facilities which we offer to our customers. We as a cleaning services company are
ready to serve you well. No matter, if you are looking for any national or house maid cleaning
credentials, we as a Cleaning Services Company always there to give you the great and robust cleaning credentials. Rest of this the cost that we offer to our customers are safe and affordable for all.


Our cleaning ladies clean all the de-scale bath, removes all the spots, stains and finger marks
and collects all the recyclables.


The cleaning Ladies in our company cleans door handles, dishwasher, mirrors and glass
fixtures cleaning (wiping). Moreover, they specialize in moping and washing the floors and make
them shine so bright that you can see your reflection.

Rest of this, after this long haul, last but not the least, if you are looking for the remarkable
and reputable house Maid Cleaning Services than without any asking give us a call and get a
free quote/ estimation we as a menage total Cleaning Services always try to fulfill your needs.
Rest for more other details and satisfaction you can also visit and check our additional cleaning
services credentials.

Montreal Maid Cleaning Services

Montreal Maid Services

Montreal Maid Services

Our Montreal Maid Services is afraid of no Montreal competition, as we are merely the best. Here we are to give you our services to clean up your home, office, house or even a warehouse. We will leave your premises sparkling clean and smelling all nice and fresh. Our quality services and price ratio is nominal and easily affordable. For years our team is providing good quality of Cleaning Services.
Using our professional and ecological friendly services, all of our customers will be able to enjoy an amazing level of crystal clear, snow white sparkling, crispy clean.

Professional Maid Cleaners

Maid Services at its best are provided by Montreal is the finest and the best maid services.
We have been providing ‘Montreal‘ with exceptional cleaning services Maid in Montreal and Cleaning lady Services, and we pride in that. Our qualified Residential Cleaning crews are available to thoroughly clean and freshen up every area of your home. Our standard services include complete kitchen Cleaning, including all appliances, disinfecting of all bathrooms including tile, etc.
Floors, windows, light fixtures and every surface of your home is sanitized and polished to a sparkling shine

7 Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

7 Tricks You’ll Use Every Time You Clean the Bathroom

One of the worst chores you can get stuck with? Cleaning the bathroom. The disgusting little tidbits you’re bound to find down your drain or in your tub are enough to make you steer clear of bathroom duty. But, like anything else, the bathroom has to be cleaned. We would argue (because so much unpleasantness can happen in there) that the bathroom even needs a little more TLC than other parts of your Home.


The bathroom mirror gets SO GROSS. Covered in dust, makeup, and toothpaste, when I let mine get too far gone, I can hardly see my face. Spraying cleaning products or water on paper towels tends to leave a streaky, blotchy shine. So try this technique instead.

Brew some REALLY strong tea – like 3 bags of black tea and nothing else. Pour the tea into a spray bottle and use this to clean your mirror spotless! Instead of paper towel, try newspaper to get fewer streaks.


No one likes to shower staring at soap scum. Yuck. Scrub that nastiness away by filling a dish wand with half vinegar and half dish soap. This will bust through shower grime and leave your tub sparkling in no time.


Those unsightly stains on your metal hardware, like faucets? You know them. They’re impossible to get rid of. Try scrubbing down the metal with…a lemon. Yep, just a lemon. This all-natural trick will make your bathroom smell great and the acid in the citrus will break down any hard water stains.

Not a fan of lemon? Try wrapping the metal in rags soaked with distilled white vinegar. The stains will break down in a similar way and you won’t get lemon juice in your eye.

Use a cleaning toothbrush to get in those hard to reach places, too!


This one is just too simple. When your toothbrush holder is getting clogged up with soap scum and unnecessary grime, don’t struggle to clean it. Just toss it in the dishwasher and let technology do the work for you.


Your toilets’ best friend? White vinegar. This all-natural Cleaning solution kills germs, bacteria, mold, and makes scum vanish for a sparkling clean. Plus, you can use it all over.

Pour vinegar in the top of your toilet and let that sit while you spray vinegar around the seat and clean.

Soak a paper towel with vinegar and stuff that under the rim of your toilet. Let that sit while you scrub your bowl with vinegar and your toilet brush. Remove the toilet paper, scrub under the rim with a cleaning toothbrush, and then flush for an all-over clean.


Speaking of your toilet brush, that guy has a whole lot of germs on him. You can guess why.

To prevent smells (and from scrubbing your toilet germs away with something just as germ-infested), pour a little all-purpose cleaner in the bottom of the brush holder for a constant clean and lovely smell.


Bonus tip! This may not be bathroom-oriented, but while you’re on a cleaning roll, you might as well clean out the dryer, too!

The lint that builds up in dryers causes hundreds of house fires a year, but this disaster is so easily avoidable. To get to the hard-to-reach places, attach an empty paper towel roll to the end of your vacuum hose, stick that down into your dryer, and go to town.

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