Condominium Cleaning Services

Condominium Cleaning Services

You are living in an apartment or condominium and looking for cleaning services. You should not worry about it at all. Qualimaid cleaning company is the best cleaning company and specialized in Condominium Cleaning Services. We are serving in this area over the last number of years. We deal with the overall housekeeping services. Provide our customers with all those cleaning services which they are looking for. Condominium Cleaning Services and apartment cleaning have many aspects the same when we talk about their cleaning.

What we perform in Condominium Cleaning Services;

A complete, thorough, and deep Condominium Cleaning Services include each and every cleaning task. Our cleaning staff pays attention to each and every detail. They don’t leave any kind of debris, trash, mess, and clutter there in your condo.

Clean all the surfaces, do a detailed dusting, and clean the ceiling as well. We disinfect your kitchen, clean all types of electronic appliances like a freezer, oven, and dishwasher. Our cleaning staff removes the spots of liquid and food crumbs from the walls, floor, and countertops. We remove the fire burn build up from the stovetops.

In the bathroom, there are many objects which need deep cleaning services. Our staff has the skills and professional training to deal with them. They clean sink, shower head, remove the blockage from the drain, bathtub cleaning, commode cleaning. Furthermore, they clean the floor tiles and grout between them.

For all these types of cleaning, we prefer to use health friendly and organic cleaning products. Our cleaning staff has the instructions to avoid chemically made ingredients.

Availability of services

Our cleaning services are quite identical and unique. Here is another differential feature of our services that we provide you all types of cleaning services on a regular basis. We are available to provide you services 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. You just let us know and experience high-quality services with wonderful results.

For further detail and queries visit our site or contact use.

Best Commercial Housekeeping Montreal

Best Commercial Housekeeping Montreal

Your comfort level is at a high level when your house is neat and clean.  Housekeeping services play a crucial role in the cleanliness of a home. Qualimaid understands the need for the Housekeeping and provides Best Commercial Housekeeping Montreal at a low rate and price. After all, a clean home is a happy home and we at Qualimaid feel and are proud of offering a wide range of the best housekeeping services on Montreal.

 Contract-free services

Qualimaid has observed the significance of cleaning in every household. We provide and accommodate the residents of Montreal with the best cleaning solution and schedule our work according to their needs.

Some companies in Montreal repeat the cleaning plans. But for us, it is inevitable for us to provide a cleaning plan that fits our customer requirements and our customers are satisfied with our services.

Our cleaning services are offered with no contracts on different plans like daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleaning services. In fact,  the customer has the option to modify the services according to their needs.

Our Best Commercial Housekeeping Services Montreal Comprises of


Our staff vacuums all the floors surfaces. Including the stairs, the carpeted rooms and the hardwood and tile floors. In fact, they remove the furniture and cushions to vacuum and clean the dust.

 Detailed Dusting

Our cleaning staff removes all the dirt and dust from all the surfaces to avoid the allergies. By removing the cobwebs in the ceiling corners and ensuring that no dust is left behind.

Mop and sweep

Qualimaid professional cleaners make sure to mop and sweep the hardwood floor to give them a nice shine and sparkle. Our cleaners also happily wipe down the dirty baseboards with ease.

Sanitize and disinfect services

Our professional housekeeping professionals sanitize and disinfect the bathroom, kitchen countertops and the areas that need proper cleaning.

Garbage cleaning

Our housekeeping staff deals with garbage and cleans the trash. No matter in which corner of your house, they remove garbage from every corner of your house.

More Housekeeping Services

Qualimaid provides you some additional valuable services along with the normal and routine housekeeping plans. Such as oven, Refrigerator, and burn pan cleaning and changing the bed linens. Furthermore, we recommend you can contact us for the best service on offer.

More Valuable Services

We provide some other cleaning services in possible low rates and charges. We plan these services as per your needs as well.

  • Unclogging the blocked drains and pipes
  • Window Washing
  • Changing electronic appliances like bulbs
  • Home improving tasks

With a proven record of providing the best housekeeping services in Montreal since 2010. Qualimaid best fits to your needs and requirements. Our professional cleaning staff works very closely with the homeowners in providing them with the best cleaning solution at an affordable and competitive price.

Kindly contact us for further queries for the cleaning services you want us to be included and improved. We shall be very happy to receive feedback on our services and strengthen our customer relationship.

Thorough Kitchen Cleaning Montreal

Thorough Kitchen Cleaning Montreal

There are some portions or parts of a house which need cleaning services crucially. You can’t bear dirt and dust accumulation there. If those portions are left unclean for a long time there will germination and can cause various diseases. Kitchen is one of those spots which crucially need cleaning and maintenance services. Qualimaid makes sure to provide the best kitchen cleaning experience. More a complete cleaning solution is provided from us. In fact, our Thorough Kitchen Cleaning Services Montreal has the skillful and experience in the staff to provide the best cleaning option for the residents.

Thorough Kitchen Cleaning Montreal

Moreover, Qualimaid staff for cleaning services is qualified and certified to perform the best kitchen cleaning service.  In fact, you can experience the best cleaning service in town by availing our best cleaning services.

Not only but also, our Kitchen cleaning services are provided on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis. Our motto is to provide customer satisfaction and the cleaning services at the best and highest standards.

Oven Cleaning Services

In the first place, Qualimaid is one of the leaders in the cleaning industry. Moreover, It has gained experience in the oven cleaning services network. Furthermore, our oven cleaning professionals are highly trained and work hard in an extensive cleaning process to ensure maximum cleaning and efficiency for cleaning the oven perfectly.

Some of the important factors involved in the Oven Cleaning Process


Our cleaners polish the exterior areas of the oven for an excellent finish.

Belt, racks, and panel removing

Qualimaid professionals remove belts, racks, insulated panels, windows & air fingers.

Checking and re-testing

We ensure the proper functionality of the Oven.

Deal with build up

Our Cleaning Staff ensures that your interior bake chambers & on disassembled parts.

Advantages of Oven Cleaning

A cost-effective service from Qualimaid that improves the functioning and streamlines the Oven.

  • – High-quality product and consistency
  • – More energy efficient
  • – Decrease the risk of an open fire
  • – Reduce downtime and emergency equipment repairs
  • – Increase equipment life
  • – Shorter cook times and higher production

Best ever kitchen cleaning by professionals

In the first place, Kitchen flames will happen, yet the subsequent harm is frequently dependent on the quality and competency of the cleaning services. Moreover, Qualimaid kitchen cleaning services group of prepared and affirmed experts clean your whole framework and archive the cleaning with high results.

For more information on our services, you can visit our website or talk to one of our representatives who shall be very happy. Furthermore to assist you in explaining the cleaning plans and services suitable as per your customizable needs.

Distinguish features

Not to mention, our professional technicians make it possible to provide the best oven cleaning services in the Kitchen. Moreover, ensuring that the cleaning procedure done in a professional way. You can always rely on Qualimaid for the best cleaning service as we are a team of professionals with certification and experience.

Qualimaid Housekeeping Services

Qualimaid Housekeeping Services

Life is getting busy day by day people always have a shorter time. They are so much busy and don’t have time for their house or apartment cleaning. If you want to hire professional cleaning services for your house or apartment then you should contact the Qualimaid. Not to mention, we are the best cleaning company who manages your cleaning affairs. We provide you Qualimaid Housekeeping Services. Qualimaid is the leading cleaning company who provides you with the best services. We manage all the cleaning affairs.


Qualimaid offers a vast range of housekeeping services and not limited to:

For more than a decade Qualimaid has made its name and is trusted by customers in Montreal,  by providing the best cleaning services. We encourage our customers to write to us and provide valuable feedback. In fact, in order to improve and build or a strong relationship.

We offer tailor-made housekeeping services depending on the customer clients and requests.

Our Housekeeping services include


Our staff vacuums the floors in each room removing the stains and spots from the carpets, hardwood floors and tile floors. We even remove the cushions and clean the furniture from dust and grime.


We dust each surface of the home to remove allergies, this includes dusting the picture frames, light fixtures, window sills, blinds, and wardrobes. We also remove the cobwebs in the ceiling corner and ensure the client that no dust particles are left behind.


We provide mapping services for the hardwood, tile and other floors to wipe down and clean any dusty and grimy baseboards.

Wiping Down

We wipe and scrub down the bathroom and kitchen faucets, sinks mirrors. We clean and remove the stain and spots from the countertops, stovetops and clean and wipe down the microwave and cleaning down all the appliances.

Final Cleaning

We empty all the trash cans and garbage and fluff the cushions and pillows and straighten up the chairs and carpets on the floors.

Additional Housekeeping Services

There are a number of additional housekeeping services that can be added in your cleaning plan and requirement such as oven cleaning, refrigerator cleaning and the changing of the bed linens.

Kindly contact Qualimaid to ensure the best and customizable cleaning service offered in the area of Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.

With a track record of cleaning the homes professional and happy customers,Qualimaid is the best choice for housekeeping services that are budget-friendly and affordable. We work closely with the place owners and value their feedback and provide the best cleaning solution to make the home clean and tidy.

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