Green Cleaning Services

Green Cleaning Services

There are a lot of ways to clean a building. Chemical made ingredients may harm the environment and wellness of human beings. Qualimaid provides you Green Cleaning Services. It means we use health friendly and chemical free cleaning ingredients. The use of chemicals may cause health issues and allergies for human beings. That’s why Qualimaid prohibits its cleaning staff from the use of hazardous materials.

Green Cleaning Services include these tasks;

  • Use of baking soda
  • Use of Vinegar 
  • EPA Safer Choice
  • Chemical free detergents and soaps
  • Mopping and dusting 

Qualimaid uses only chemical-free and health friendly ingredients for performing cleaning jobs;

Use of baking soda

There are multiple uses of baking soda in cleaning works. Qualimaid uses baking soda to perform a number of tasks. We use it to clean the grills. It is useful to remove rust spots from the stainless steel grills. Our cleaning staff uses baking soda t clean the burn residue from the utensils. It is so effective to remove stains from the coffee mugs and carafes. It brings back the shine of steel appliances and removes all types of spots and stains from the kitchen.

Use of vinegar

Same like the baking soda there are multiple uses of vinegar in cleaning works. We use it to clean the windows, mirrors, and frames of windows. Vinegar is useful to clean the blinds and curtains. It is useful to remove spots and stains from them. Qualimaid uses 1/2 teaspoons of vinegar in a bucket of water to make a solution. We use it to clean the floor stains and spots.

EPA safer choice

If you are doing the cleaning works yourself and you want to use health friendly cleaning products. Qualimaid suggests using EPA safer choice labeled products. EPA means (Environment Protection Authority), EPA labeled products means that the scientist has verified these products. All the ingredients used in these products are surely environment-friendly and health friendly too.

Chemical free detergents and soaps

Not all the detergents and soaps are made of hazardous materials. There are some detergents and soaps which are chemical free. They are made of organic ingredients which are quite health friendly.

Mopping and dusting

There are some tasks which individuals perform on a regular basis. Mopping and dusting are one of those tasks. You should dump the mop in a solution which is made of chemical-free soap. While doing dusting make sure the dirt is not spreading in all around.

Housekeeping Services Montreal

Housekeeping Services Montreal

Qualimaid Housekeeping Services

There are a number of people who do a job or they have their own business.  They spend much of their time in performing the job or handling their business affairs. They lack time for other matters. If you are such kind of person and you don’t have enough time to clean your house. You should contact the Qualimaid. Let us manage your housekeeping matters. We are the best housekeepers ever. Our cleaning staff cleaning and manage your house efficiently. We provide you Housekeeping Services Montreal.

Qualimaid performs these tasks in Housekeeping Services Montreal.

Qualimaid deals with all of these works in Housekeeping Services Montreal;

Dusting and polishing of furniture and fixture

Furniture and fixture is a fixed asset and people use it for many years. It is important to keep them clean and take care of their maintenance. Qualimaid provides you Housekeeping Services Montreal. Our cleaning staff does a detailed dusting of furniture and fixture. They remove all the dust stick on it and spots of rust from the fixture. Our cleaning staff does the polishing of furniture and fixture and bring its shine back.

Detailed bathroom cleaning

There are some portions in a house which get messy and dirty in no time. The bathroom is one of those areas. Qualimaid clean your bathroom with detail. Our cleaning staff cleans all the objects from there. They clean the sink remove greasy spots from it and make it spots free. They clean the shower head and make it clean. Clean the bathtub and remove the spots of scum and soapy water. They disinfect the commode, floor, and walls of the bathroom.

Dusting and vacuuming of mats, rugs, and carpets

Housekeeping Services Montreal includes the carpet cleaning as well. Qualimaid cleans the mat, rug, and carpet you have in your house. Our cleaning staff does a detailed dusting of the carpet. They do vacuum it to remove all the dust and dirt from it. They remove all the spots of drink, alcohol or any other liquid spot. Clean it thoroughly and remove the pet hair and their odor from the carpet.

Window cleaning services

Qualimaid is specialized in window cleaning services. We always take care of the wellbeing of our customers. That’s why we use organic cleaning products. We make a solution of non-chemical made detergent and water. Use this solution to remove the spots from the window mirrors and then for washing it.

Kitchen Cleaning

Housekeeping Services Montreal includes kitchen cleaning services. Our cleaning team cleans the kitchen thoroughly. They clean the countertops, stovetops, and sink with baking soda. They remove food crumbs stick on the walls and floor. Clean the air duct and remove the loose dust from it. Our cleaning staff cleans the floor make it germs protected, dust free and dirt free.

Hire Housemaid Cleaners

Hire Housemaid Cleaners

If you are doing a job or you do your own business. You don’t have time to clean your house, apartment, and office. You want to get it clean. If you are in need of cleaning services, just contact the Qualimaid and Hire Housemaid Cleaners. We are offering you all types of housemaid and housekeeping services. You can hire our housekeeping and housemaid services according to your needs and requirements. We are serving in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. We have served many customers in these cities.

Hire Housemaid Cleaners for these purposes;

  • Make your bed
  • Empty the dishwasher and wash all the dishes
  • The clean entire of kitchen
  • Washes the rug and carpet
  • keep the entire house neat and clean

Hire Housemaid Cleaner we perform all of these works with full of care and attention.

Make your bed

Qualimaid clean your bedroom remove all the dirt, dust, and mess form your bedroom. Our cleaning staff cleans your bedroom floor, walls, and shelves you have there.  Make the bed means we clean your bed. If there is any dust on the bed we remove pets hair from your bed.

Empty the dishwasher

Our cleaning staff empties the dishwasher, clean all the dishes which are washable in your kitchen. We clean the sink and remove all the greasy spots. We use a paper towel to remove those spots. Qualimad works according to your needs and requirements.

Qualimaid Cleans Entire of Kitchen

We work according to your instructions and desires. Our cleaning staff removes all the mess from your kitchen. We provide you detailed kitchen cleaning services. Hire Housemaid Cleaners and we provide you kitchen cleaning services according to your expectations.

Wash Out the Rug and Carpet

Qualimaid cleans your rug and carpet you have in your house. Our cleaning staff cleans your carpet removes all the dust and dirt from it. We wash it with warm water and use health friendly cleaning ingredients. We use organic cleaning products for carpet wash.

Keep the Entire House Neat and Clean

Qualimaid keeps the entire of your house neat and clean. We provide you thorough and detailed cleaning services. Our cleaning staff cleans each and every portion of your house. They look after your house.

We are offering you Housemaid services on a daily basis, weekly basis, biweekly and monthly basis. You can Hire Housemaid Cleaners any time you need it.

Apartment Cleaning Services

Easy Apartment Cleaning

Every apartment owner wants his home to be clean and tidy. In his mind, he thinks of Easy Apartment Cleaning Services.  In fact, what is the best possible way to clean an apartment? Apartment cleaning is a tough job and of course, a clean apartment will give a nice and fresh look. Menage Total is providing easy apartment cleaning services. Apartment cleaning is not an interesting job, but the main reason is that a clean apartment will give a nicer and fresh look. In fact, It will give you an environment that is safe and healthy for you your family and friends.

There are many services on offer for apartment cleaning with us and customized into the best cleaning program. We Provide Renovation Cleaning services, Bathroom Cleaning Services, Bedroom Cleaning services and many more as per the customer requirement and satisfaction.

You can easily clean the apartment by starting off the cleaning job by following the simple below tips.  Thereafter cleaning each room that you have a focus on to clean. Not to mention,  firstly prioritize the room checklist and write it down on a piece of paper.  The tasks and cleaning tools and cleaning products need to clean each room.

The Bathroom

As you will get started the bathroom is the first place that needs a nice cleaning and good scrubbing. As this is the most used place in the home. Remove the clutter that is present in the tub sink and the toilet. Spray all the surface with a multipurpose cleaner and allow it to stay for some minutes while you move on to attend other important tasks.

Now move on and clean the toilet seat, sink, and the basin. Next arrange the toiletries, towels and other things to look nice and neat and close down the shower curtain.

The Bedroom

Bedroom Cleaning is an interesting task. In the first place, making the bed should be an important priority. In fact, it is a simple task for the apartment to look neat and clean. Make sure to arrange and take any clothes that are on the floor and put them in laundry hamper or basket. The bedroom cleaning needs a simple cleaning to be taken care of and it will be in no need of a deep cleaning service.

The Kitchen

All the dirty dishes kept in the kitchen. So Kitchen Cleaning is very important and to be sure it is properly clean and put it in a dishwasher to keep it out of sight.

Get a chance and grab some disinfectant wipes and paper towel along with an all-purpose spray cleaner. First of all wipe and clean down all the countertops on the kitchen table. Clean the clutter that is present on the kitchen table and put the items in place. Remove and clean the trash out from the bins and throw it away for a greater and nicer look.

The Living Room

The living room is an important place where your family and guests are mostly seen and hang out together. Remove the clutter from the tables and areas and put the trash in the trash bins and garbage cover. Then give the floors a nice and quick vacuum if there is carpeting present. If you have tiles then sweep and mop with a disposable cleaning cloth or paper towels.

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