QUALI-MAID.CA RENOVATION CLEANING SERVICES Cleaners on the Move to offers cleaning and detailing of newly built and renovated residential or commercial buildings, transforming properties from finished to fantastic and ready for occupancy. From start rough cleans to final touchup cleans, QUALI-MAID.CA RENOVATION CLEANING SERVICES  works closely with commercial and residential contractors and according to their demanding schedules to ensure that properties are presented in their best possible light, often within limited time limits. Whether your build in newly constructed building or renovating a 999 sq.f. property or a 100 000 sq.f. the property, Cleaners on the Move has teams of proper technicians and perfect cleaning equipment ready to effectively clean your space. QUALI-MAID.CA RENOVATION CLEANING SERVICES  teams will wipe down every square inch of your project thereby making it ready for occupancy. QUALI-MAID.CA RENOVATION CLEANING SERVICES floor technicians will also be on site ensuring your new floors receive the proper treatment and care once they are in place. QUALI-MAID.CA objective is to relieve contractors of all concerns related to cleaning. Trust your post construction clean-up to QUALI-MAID.CA professional and experienced cleaning staff.


Established in 2010, Cleaners on the Move is a full service cleaning contractor, serving Greater Montreal, Quebec, Laval, west Islands, and surrounding areas. QUALI-MAID.CA RENOVATION CLEANING SERVICES specializes in providing professional cleaning services to commercial and residential customers. Whether you need QUALI-MAID.CA full range of services, or a onetime QUALI-MAID.CA cleaning service, you can count on QUALI-MAID.CA for the highest level of quality and of course at a feasible price.



Professional Janitorial Cleaning Services


Regular Residential Cleaning Services


Post Construction / Renovation Cleaning


Mobile Pressure Washing Services


Professional Carpet Cleaning


Professional Upholstery Cleaning


Ceramic Tile and Grout Deep Scrubbing


Commercial Floor Stripping, Sealing, and Waxing


Aerial Cleaning and or Dusting


QUALI-MAID.CA offers a variety of commercial and residential cleaning services in Montreal, Quebec, Laval, West islands and surrounding areas. QUALI-MAID.CA success as a company is based on one thing, customer satisfaction. QUALI-MAID.CA management team, as well as QUALI-MAID.CA cleaning technicians, make it a priority to treat every customer as though they were QUALI-MAID.CA only one

QUALI-MAID.CA cleaning technicians are carefully trained and monitored to make sure they maintain a very high level of consistency in all that QUALI-MAID.CA team do. QUALI-MAID.CAattention to detail allows them to customize their approach to perfectly meet their clients and requirements. Whether you need QUALI-MAID.CA full range of services or a one-time residential cleaning service, you can count QUALI-MAID.CA for the highest level of quality at an affordable price. QUALI-MAID.CA welcome the opportunity to talk to you and discuss on areas where they could be of assistance.


QUALI-MAID.CAClient Service

Client satisfaction is very important to us. QUALI-MAID.CA take great pride in providing excellent client service. QUALI-MAID.CA believe that good communication is the key to any successful relationship, that is why QUALI-MAID.CA make it a priority to maintain continuous communication with all of their clients.

QUALI-MAID.CA Quality Control

Quality control is an important element in QUALI-MAID.CA everyday operations. QUALI-MAID.CA cleaning technicians are carefully trained and QUALI-MAID.CA implement a quality control program which allows us to monitor each work site. QUALI-MAID.CA site supervisors perform regular inspections to ensure QUALI-MAID.CA cleaning technicians uphold our high standards. If during a cleaning site inspection our supervisors notice an area of concern, QUALI-MAID.CA will quickly and efficiently resolve the situation.

QUALI-MAID.CAEnvironmentally Friendly Products

Environmentally friendly cleaning products are no longer an option in the cleaning industry, they are a must. All of QUALI-MAID.CA technicians are educated on the proper usage and application of all QUALI-MAID.CA products. The products QUALI-MAID.CA utilize on a regular basis will not leave behind chemical toxins or toxic residues.

QUALI-MAID.CA Employee Safety

At QUALI-MAID.CA RENOVATION CLEANING SERVICES, they are committed to providing a safe work environment. A successful and secure health and safety program require participation from each and every employee including QUALI-MAID.CA management, supervisors, and QUALI-MAID.CA workers. All employees receive proper safety training through instruction, safety courses, and supervision. When the required staff is provided and instructed on the proper use of personal protective equipment. QUALI-MAID.CA RENOVATION CLEANING SERVICES is committed to creating an injury-free workplace for employees, contractors, partners and visitors alike.

How to Clean These 5 Hard-to-Reach Places


Out of sight, out of mind does not continuously work once it involves improvement. Sure, you’ll be able to faux that those area units you cannot simply see or reach are immaculate. But, in spite of appearance, you recognize the reality and it’s to everyone’s profit to scrub these spots sporadically. you will scale back dirt which will trigger allergies and bronchial asthma, kill some microorganism which will cause health problem and build your mother proud.

Ceiling Fans and light-weight Fixtures

You oughtn’t to sit on someone’s shoulders to scrub a ceiling fan or VIP lightweight fixture (nor is that a decent idea). A disposable dirtier with an associate extendible handle could be a far better thanks to capturing dust and spider webs. opt for a disposable dirtier over a feather duster as a result of the disposable dusters area unit manufactured from materials that cause the dust to cling instead of merely be scattered around.
If you do not have a disposable duster, use a clean microfiber textile and secure it to a brush or handle with an elastic device.
And if you need to use a ladder, it is a smart plan to own another person to brace the ladder and are available to your aid if you slip or fall. employing a ladder once you are home alone isn’t an excellent plan.


Ceilings and Moldings

Take a second to appear up; you’ll be appalled to check all the dirt and spider webs that have taken hold close to your ceiling and crown moldings. Use a protracted handled duster, clean and dry swab, or broom to whisk down the dirt. continuously try this initial once improvement space, therefore, you’ll be able to vacuum up the fallen scrap.

Cabinet A-one and a Tall piece of furniture

When you purchase a disposable duster with associate extendible handle, make certain to urge one with a pivoting head, therefore, you’ll be able to regulate the angle to achieve to the A-one of cupboards and all items of a piece of furniture.

If you’ve got allowed dirt and particles of grease to accumulate on room cupboards, use a durable stool and clean with a soft textile swayback in an exceedingly resolution of 2 cups heat water, one teaspoon dishwasher detergent and one teaspoon social unit ammonia. take the soil then rinse with a textile swayback in plain water. Dry with a soft clean textile.

Window Blinds

When your dirt blinds with a static duster, bear in mind to shut them and clean one aspect then reverse the direction to scrub the opposite aspect.
Or, to scrub either side of the slats directly, wrap 2 microfiber cloths around every finish of a combine of room device and secure with an elastic device. Then merely slide the device on every slat to take the dirt high and bottom. Toss the microfiber cloths within the washer and you are done.

Window, door and Shower Door Tracks

Window, door and shower door tracks attract dirt and dirt in wonderful amounts and improve them is troublesome due to the tight areas. once it is time to scrub, begin by victimization the crevice tool on your vacuum. a fast search on Amazon may also offer choices on special brushes that that area unit formed to suit within the tracks to assist loosen the soil. Removing the maximum amount loose dirt and dirt can build the remainder of the improvement easier.

Cleaning Services in Montreal

cleaning services in montreal

House cleaning can boost up your confidence if you can clean your home like a professional service provider. How’s this possible?

Here’s the answer.

Burnishing your actual home and cleaning another person’s home professionally is an entire individual fun game. The best thing to do when the beginning is to ask a few loved ones on the off chance that you can clean their homes for nothing or at a reduced rate.

You must be extremely careful when cleaning professionally. It talks briefly to figure out how to clean a home professionally. Customers are paying you for an extravagance administration, and they expect and merit choice cleaning. When first beginning doesn’t stress over to what extent it takes to clean a home. Continuously do an underlying exhaustive cleaning for the primary cleaning. After you have cleaned for a little while you will turn out to be more productive and will have the capacity to do an intensive cleaning in significantly less time. If you have no time to clean your home, you can also try cleaning services in Montreal for the best kind of housekeeping.

You must have following things on your checklist while starting house cleaning:

  • Granite Cleaner
  • Dust Mops
  • Small toothbrush
  • Micro Fiber maps
  • Grout brush
  • Stepladder
  • Broom/ dustpan
  • Scrub pads
  • Magic eraser
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Floor cleaner
  • Stainless steel cleaner
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Furniture Polish

Begin at the highest point of the home and work your way down. When you have more cleaners in the home, every individual is in charge of various undertakings. This cleaning routine is a one individual cleaner simply beginning. Obviously the standard changes with more cleaners. Also, you can take help of the cleaning services in Montreal for better and more real professional housekeeping.

See More:

Tips for Sparkling and Cleaning Services Montreal

  • Wipe down kitchen cupboard facings
  • Washing stainless steel machines
  • Scrubbing glass entryways
  • Clean mirrors
  • Tidy light installations and knobs
  • Wash Floors
  • Clean window ledges and wipe down entryways
  • Washing all furniture including bottoms and sides
  • Clean inside/outside microwave
  • Wipe down bureau facings
  • Clean all glass surfaces including smirch on windows
  • Clean and purify bathrooms (tidy lights and wipe down cupboards)
  • Sealer, Vacuum, Mop all floors
  • Clean kitchen (top of the cooler, counting inside the microwave)
  • Washing all glass surfaces and stainless steel, in kitchen
  • Washing all ledges
  • Clean all machines outside
  • Clean/purify/clean sinks
  • Wash floors

For inside and outside Cleanings or real and professional Cleaning, you will prerequisite increase cleaning inside oven dusting, window cleaning, and freezer to your services. For these types of washings, you should clean inside all and lofts, dressers, and drawers. These assignments might be performed by any of the family unit individuals, or by different people employed to play out these errands. Housekeeping alludes to the administration of obligations and tasks required in the running of a family, for example, cleaning, cooking, home upkeep, shopping, clothing, and bill pay.

Remember whenever you need an expert cleaning company for all your cleaning needs to be fulfilled

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Quali maid Basement Cleanup Services

quali maid cleanup services

Basement is a vital a part of any structure in fashionable days. however being neglected, it usually becomes an area of coagulated dirt. countless junk and alternative dirt roll up the basement because of lack of correct cleanup care because the basement condition continuously remains out of sight. If you’re facing the matter of cleanup the dirty basement of your structure, then you wish to appoint an honest basement cleanup service supplier obtainable within the corresponding space. Our Quali Maid cleanup Services is here to fill all the cleanup necessities for the dirty basement of yours.

Services Quali Maid Provide

As basement is commonly contempt and doesn’t maintain with cleanup care, it bit by bit becomes a house of dirt from that germs will grow, and also the extreme condition will injury the living atmosphere of the structure. If there’s water in your basement, there’s a break of flooding together with pipe explodingwaste product blockage leading to water overflow. Quali Maid can take the simplest doable care of your basement completely with fashionable tools and techniques handled by professionals. Our quality cleanup services can render you a clean basement trying sort of a new one, notwithstanding what quantity dirt gathers within the basement of yours. we provide a far efficient and high commonplace cleanup together with quality assurance than alternative services obtainable in your territory.
Our services embrace vacuuming of beams, columns, surfaces, corners together with cleanups, sanitizing, disinfecting, power laundry if necessary. It additionally includes junk removal, rubble cleanup with trash, cleans up crawl areas, anti-microbial treatment for varied microorganism, removal of unwanted things and belongings. we will offer alternative services sort of a wall and floor repairs, taping, deodorizing to get rid of foul smells, wiping down walls or doors and windows, painting with painting homework together withstanding if necessary.

Clean Basement, Higher Atmosphere

Owners don’t keep the basement condition in their mind because the basements can’t start up beforehowever, in several cases, individuals use basements to store varied things. however, you can’t simply use it while not maintaining cleanliness frequently. Quali Maid cleanup give you services not solely to wash your basements however additionally to form it appropriate for light-weight usage. The too dirty basement will hamper the encircling atmosphere of your structure and injury the facility additionallyvaried germs and insects grew within the basements additionally build the condition worse. to forestall of these from happening, you’ll be able to count our practiced and skillful consultants by appointing to wash the basement.

Our work can satisfy you of course as we have a tendency to perform the task with perfection and excellence. Our cleaners can watch out of the basement as their one. As high cleanup is critical for any basement, our cleanup options can provide you with the enjoyment of a nice atmosphereonce you are in an exceedingly dirty basement, you can’t wait to induce yourself out of there as quick as doable because of the untidy state together with the foul smell. howeverwe will promise you to boost the circumstance of the basement with our reliable distinctive services that may cause you to plenty lighter than ever before. you’ll get no germs, no insects, no dirt and no junk when having our basement cleanup services.
Why our services are to be most well-liked

Quali Maid cleanup Services provides varied sorts of services to satisfy the demand of the shoppersskilled and trained cleaners are sent to supply services to represent a delightful look to the clean house. Our consultants use fashionable instrumentality for cleanup to administer you a more robust service as per your demands. you’ll get a median price to own our services on time. additionallywe have a tendency to terribly sincere and on time to figure.
Basement cleanup is clearly a tough job to try and do with perfection. to satisfy the specified expectation of yours at a moderate value we have a tendency to are here for you. you’re on the brink of getting the simplest doable result by having our cleanup services of course. Our staff is continuously tuned in to serve you a more robust cleanliness and lowerclassman atmosphere. Satisfying you with extremely regular and reliable basement cleanup has continuously been our foremost priority. Once you’re delivered our services, you’ll appreciate it of course.


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