Type of Maid Service

Type of Maid Service

Most of us like hosting big family events and party but you cannot clean the weekly dirt and mess. Now you are thinking of making a decision that you want to hire a maid service for the cleaning process. But confused enough what type of maid service you require. You get lucky and see an ad in the newspaper about the type of maid services available in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.

There are two and more of the popular type of maid services available now a day’s one is the one-time maid service and the other is weekly maid service. Here we shall discuss what qualities do each maid services has:

What is a One-Time Maid Service?

The people who benefit from a one-time maid cleaning services are those who plan to host big parties, events and get ready for the holiday celebration and of course, in the end, admire and require a big cleaning job. One time maid cleaning services help in solving the problem of the room by room cleaning with a deep clean. Be sure during this service to get a detail clean from the walls to the baseboards.

A one-time maid services deep clean has several benefits on offer and you can look out for the following when hiring maids for the services:

  • Cleaning the appliances
  • Wiping down the doors
  • Sweeping and mopping the floors
  • Disinfection and sanitation of the washroom
  • All the rooms attended in detail
  • Clean the sink and surfaces of the Kitchen
  • Dishwasher Loading
  • Bed making and empty the trash
  • Vacuuming the carpets

What is Weekly Maid Services?

The weekly Montreal cleaning often referred to as recurring cleaning service is a weekly and monthly cleaning. Obviously it is suitable for the people either they are very busy don’t have time for the cleaning or don’t want to do the cleaning. This service can make sure your home, apartment or condo is ready and protected and enables you to relax.

In this service, the maids also reach out to the places which are hard to get such as the top of the ceiling, under the bed. This enables to eliminate the allergy and harmful bacteria and viruses. The home, apartment, and condo will have fewer contaminants and the place shall be safe for living.

Now as you know the difference, of both types of cleaning Services. You can rely on Qualimaid, ca cleaning if you require a maid cleaning service. All you have to do is to get in touch with us and book our cleaning service….!

Hire Maid Service Montreal

Hire a Maid Service

The days are busy and no time to do the cleaning stuff and spend quality time with the family and loved ones. You can leave the chores but is it worth it when it comes to house cleanliness? Hire a maid service Montreal to clean the house can be a very accurate and smart choice.

Things to consider Hire maid service Montreal :


You want to have the protection of your home and the thing. If a theft occurs make sure the maid service is bonded for the house cleaning service in Montreal. Not to mention most of the companies are only secured and bonded for their protection and they don’t consider the customer as important.

Insurance Coverage

Another important factor to hire a maid service Montreal for maid house cleaning is insurance. Unfortunately, accidental slips and mishaps can sometimes happen during the cleaning process but also the policy of the homeowners may not cover the whole mishap. It is the duty and liability of the company to having liability insurance and accident coverage and includes the home, the workers and the company. Be sure that the service is secure and insured properly.

Referrals By Customers

The company work experience and year in the cleaning industry matter a lot. Remember to enquire about suitable referrals and work history. Most of the common question to ask the referrals are:

  • How many years you have been using the maid service?
  • Do you ever have any complaints? If so how the company solves it?
  • Are they sure and serious in recommending the maid service?

Background Check and Hiring

The main research factor to hire a maid service to bring effectiveness is to check with the company. Do they carry on the background check and criminal records before hiring? To look out the company employees of their own or any subcontractor is there in the hiring and supplying the maid service? More often, if the service that uses the sub-contractors will not provide the training to the staff and not possess any liability insurance.

Equipment of Cleaning

Proper tools and equipment are needed to perform the best house cleaning of the home. Less effective and inferior equipment won’t help in the cleaning. When you hire a  maid cleaning company check that they supply the right and latest cleaning equipment to ensure the effectiveness of the cleaning.

Cleaning Products

Many of the housemaid service companies rely on you to supply the cleaning products. But if in the agreement they have the supply of the products clause included a check with them what type of cleaning product is used and is there any harmful chemical involved. Make sure that the product is safe for use and safe for you and the loved ones.


The best maid service will make sure to work for the satisfaction of the customer. The primary concern is to measure it during the work process. Be sure what method they take into consideration to measure customer satisfaction. Do they have a paper method not to fill in a survey online? This step will tell you the importance and how much the maid service value the customer.

Whether you want to hire a maid service in Montreal, or in Laval and Longueuil you can trust and depend on Qualimaid.ca. Get in touch and see our unbelievable maid service offers…!

Tips and ways to get Clutter Out of your home

Life in Montreal is busy and challenging. You can ignore the home space for a while but as it gets cluttered and messy and you have no ideas to remove, don’t worry Qualimaid cleaning service is here to provide you with the simple tips and ways to get the clutter out of your home.

Everything Properly Managed:

First things first and not to mention if everything is properly managed and done. In fact, everything has a home there is plenty of space to put things. By following this way, you will always be able to find the things you need. Moreover, all the things would look neat and tidy. In the long run, this holds for every room in the house including the kitchen and the bathroom.

Using the Space the Right Way Clutter Out of your home:

Equally important using the storage space the right way is very crucial in keeping a clutter-free home. Furthermore, it is very important when you live in a smaller space. Uniquely and equally use creative storage options. In the same fashion way, utilize the space under the beds with storage bins and go vertical and use hooks and shelving. In short, the more creative you can be the easier it will be to find the right storage space and resolve the clutter issue.


Given these points, a great time-saver is organizing the items. You can easily look around your home and find ways to store things that work very well together.


To summarize everyone has faced a huge side effect where they got too much stuff. The best solution is to purge when not using it. Don’t keep things that you are no longer using. To sum up, if they are sentimental, take photos and create a scrapbook for reference or you may find a way to repurpose them.

Clutter Buster:

In the final analysis, make cleaning a daily routine. Take 15 minutes every day and do a quick pick up for the things that are lying around. In brief, the more you will take care and do this, the easier the things will become by cleaning. In fact, just imagine taking half the time because you de-cluttered for just 15 minutes a day. Not only but also it is amazing how much you can do in just 15 minutes.

Qualidmaid is a cleaning service in Montreal that gives you back the time for the things to enjoy. You can easily book our cleaning service by visiting us at www.Qualidmaid.ca. In short, if you are in a hurry for cleaning you can always call on us at (514) 654 4988.

One-Time Deep Cleaning

One-Time Deep Cleaning

If you are going to host a party at your or apartment. Moreover, if a special meeting is going to be held at your office. There is a special event which requires a special kind of arrangements. You are in need of One-Time Deep Cleaning. Not to mention, Qualimaid provides you the entire range of cleaning services. We offer you the best ever One-Time Deep Cleaning services. You need all clean your house, apartment, and office deeply on such occasions. Our professional one-time cleaning services finish most of the cleaning works.

Furthermore, most of the work which is more visible, we sanitize these areas with a lot of care. Such as Floor cleaning, all rooms cleaning, kitchen, bathroom, and ceiling cleaning works. In fact, we add all those tasks which you demand.

Fast Cleaning Services

On these types of events, people have run short of time. They just want to get their space clean in no time. Guests are on the way, you have to make all the arrangements for that occasion. Furthermore, there are some portions which appeal to cleaning services crucially. Like you want to disinfect your bathroom, remove bad odors from there, and deep cleaning of the kitchen.

Not to mention, these are time-consuming tasks but our professional cleaners deal with them very efficiently. We have advanced and updated technology, follow the unique cleaning procedures, and assure you the best One-Time Deep Cleaning.

Our One-Time Deep Cleaning Services include

One time cleaning is performed in possibly less time. In fact, the customer wants to get everything clean in minutes. We employ all of our professionals to meet your requirements. Our One-time cleaning services include the following tasks;

  • All surfaces dusting
  • Floor cleaning
  • Mopping works
  • Clutter removing services
  • Carpet dusting
  • Organizing Works
  • Walls cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning

In fact, we perform all those tasks which make a better image of your space. In the first place, our staff cleans all these spaces. If commercial offices Qualimaid offers you the best cleaning services of;

  • General area cleaning
  • Meeting hall cleaning
  • Dusting all the surfaces
  • Spots, smudges, and stains removing works
  • Table cleaning
  • Computer cleaning
  • Windows cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning, and
  • Entrance cleaning services