Unique Apartment Cleaning Services

Unique Apartment Cleaning Services

People live in houses, apartment, Airbnb, rental rooms, and hotels. Every kind of residential building needs cleaning services. Everyone loves a neat, clean, refreshed, and organized living place. Cleaning works are not easy to perform and they are time-consuming. Qualimaid tells you some Unique Apartment Cleaning Tips. You can easily clean your apartment with the help of these tips.

Unique Apartment Cleaning Tips include these tasks;

  • Floor cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Walls, doors, and windows cleaning
  • Disinfect the bathroom
  • Dusting from top to bottom

You can easily clean your apartment with the help of these Unique Apartment Cleaning Tips;

Floor cleaning

It’s one of the major tasks in apartment cleaning works. A mere dusting can’t assure you a neat, clean and germs free floor. You should do a detailed dusting and then wash it using health friendly ingredients along with warm water. It will remove all the dust, spots and germs from the floor.

Kitchen cleaning

A kitchen is a place which needs regular cleaning services. You should clean the countertops, stovetops, freezer, and oven. You should clean the walls, floor, and air duct. Remove the food crumbs stick there on countertops and floor.

Wall, door, and windows cleaning

There are some object and things which need cleaning services crucially. You should clean the walls, door, and windows with care. There may be defected paint on the walls, you should repair it. Clean the door frames and remove dust from there. Windows cleaning is a time-consuming task you should perform it in detail. First, remove the dust from window mirrors and then remove the spots. In the end, wash the mirrors and clean its frames.

Disinfect the bathroom

Qualimaid tells you the important fact that the bathroom cleaning great importance in the entire house cleaning. There is a huge amount of mess there. You should remove that clean the commode, sink, and shower head. You should clean the bathtub, floor, and walls of the bathroom. Use fragrant products to remove smell and odor from there.

Dusting from top to bottom

Dusting is one of the important tasks in Apartment Cleaning Tips. You should do a detailed dusting of the entire apartment ceiling. Start from the top clean the dust with a soft bristles broom. Then move toward the walls and then floor dusting. It will reduce the mess from there and will save your time to perform the rest of the work in detail.

Unique Apartment Cleaning Services

The cleanliness and maintenance of the residence mean a lot for you. You can’t afford to get leave it unclean and unorganized. Qualimaid knows that cleanliness is a huge issue for people living in houses, apartments, and rental rooms. We take care of all the issues relating to the cleaning of a building. No matter it is a residential or a commercial building. Qualimaid provides you Comprehensive Residential Cleaning Services. We provide you thorough and detailed cleaning services in Montreal.

Comprehensive Residential Cleaning Services includes the following basic services.

  • Total rooms cleaning
  • Dusting cleaning of the entire building
  • Mopping cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Ceiling, walls, and floors cleaning

Qualimaid deals with these tasks while performing Comprehensive Residential Cleaning Services;

Total rooms cleaning

Qualimaid cleans all the rooms in your house and building. We clean them thoroughly that no debris and clutter is left behind after cleaning them. We deal with carpet, rug, ceiling, walls, windows, and floor. Clean the shelves and baseboard as well.

Dusting cleaning of the entire building

First of all, we start cleaning work from dusting the building. Our cleaning staff deals with the dust stick to the ceiling, walls, floor, windows, mirrors, curtains, and blinds. They pay special attention to the hidden areas of dust as well. In fact, our staff removes dust from the entire building.

Mopping cleaning

When we have done with dusting and vacuuming we start mopping. Before going for mop our staff makes a solution of warm water and chemical free detergents. They dump the mop in it and they use it on the floors of all the rooms. We remove all the spots and stubborn dust from the floor surface.


Sometimes a mere dusting is not enough to deal with dust. It is stubborn and hard to remove. So we need vacuuming to clean it. We vacuum the carpet, floor, furniture, and blinds in your house. We clean it with care and make sure there is no dust and dirt remaining after doing the vacuuming.

Ceiling, walls, and floor cleaning

There are some areas and portions which need dusting and cleaning services crucially. Our staff pays special attention to those areas. They clean the ceiling remove all spots and dust from there. They clean your building walls remove the dust and repair the damaged paints. The floor needs cleaning services crucially. We clean it thoroughly and make it shiny and germs protected.

Maid Cleaning Services Montreal and Laval

You can ask for cleaning or Best Maid Cleaning in Montreal and Laval through a telephone call or through an email. We will make a cleaner’s reservation for a period and day advantageous for you and after that cleaner will be dropped in your area according to the time booked. We take reservations through Facebook and Twitter also. On the off chance that you don’t have cleaning items, no compelling reason to fuss. Simply tell us at the season of booking and Qualimad maids will have everything prepared to make your office or home spic n length dependably.

Whenever required Best Maid Cleaning in Montreal and Laval, we will convey a complimentary appraisal of the area before conveying the cleaning administrations in Montreal and will prescribe the required kind of cleaning administration. We can likewise suggest a cleaning/housekeeping plan for your office or locally established on your way of life. Our home cleaning administrations incorporate kitchen cleaning, restroom cleaning, grass cleaning, room cleaning, and so forth. We likewise give office/distribution center cleaning, Clinic/emergency clinic cleaning, film/theater cleaning, school/school cleaning, eatery/in cleaning, post-development cleaning, and so on.

We likewise offer Seasonal-cleaning, after gathering cleaning, a one-time profound cleaning through dependable housekeepers in Montreal.

Things excluded on the agenda can be added to your home cleaning arrangement when making the cleaning reservation.

Cleaning Services You Can Expect From Us

Just calendar a cleaning time, and we’ll work around your timetable. We offer the accompanying cleaning administrations Best Maid Cleaning in Montreal and Laval includes the following tips and suggestions:


  • Clean Appliances, Countertops
  • Clean Stove Top and Exterior of Major Appliances
  • Wipe down Table and Chairs
  • Vacuum and Wash Floors


  • Scrub and Clean Showers and Bathtub
  • Clean Vanity, Sinks and Mirrors
  • Clean All Cabinets and Fixtures
  • Wash Floors and Vacuum

Residential Cleaning

  • Dust and Polish Furniture
  • Dust Window Sills, Shelves and Wood Ledges
  • Empty Trash, Change Bed Linens
  • Ceiling Fans and Fixtures
  • Clean Banister and Vacuum Stairs
  • Vacuum Carpets, Rugs, and Wash Floors
  • Clean Entryways and Laundry Rooms

We’re Your Trusted Cleaning Professional!

At Qualimaid we treat your home with as much consideration and scrupulousness just as it was our own. Much the same as you’d expect, our committed groups will expel the smircesh, dispose of the stains, and change your home into the flawless house dependably be happy to withdraw to. Get in touch with us to get a free statement, and timetable your first home cleaning today!

Green Cleaning Services

Green Cleaning Services

There are a lot of ways to clean a building. Chemical made ingredients may harm the environment and wellness of human beings. Qualimaid provides you Green Cleaning Services. It means we use health friendly and chemical free cleaning ingredients. The use of chemicals may cause health issues and allergies for human beings. That’s why Qualimaid prohibits its cleaning staff from the use of hazardous materials.

Green Cleaning Services include these tasks;

  • Use of baking soda
  • Use of Vinegar 
  • EPA Safer Choice
  • Chemical free detergents and soaps
  • Mopping and dusting 

Qualimaid uses only chemical-free and health friendly ingredients for performing cleaning jobs;

Use of baking soda

There are multiple uses of baking soda in cleaning works. Qualimaid uses baking soda to perform a number of tasks. We use it to clean the grills. It is useful to remove rust spots from the stainless steel grills. Our cleaning staff uses baking soda t clean the burn residue from the utensils. It is so effective to remove stains from the coffee mugs and carafes. It brings back the shine of steel appliances and removes all types of spots and stains from the kitchen.

Use of vinegar

Same like the baking soda there are multiple uses of vinegar in cleaning works. We use it to clean the windows, mirrors, and frames of windows. Vinegar is useful to clean the blinds and curtains. It is useful to remove spots and stains from them. Qualimaid uses 1/2 teaspoons of vinegar in a bucket of water to make a solution. We use it to clean the floor stains and spots.

EPA safer choice

If you are doing the cleaning works yourself and you want to use health friendly cleaning products. Qualimaid suggests using EPA safer choice labeled products. EPA means (Environment Protection Authority), EPA labeled products means that the scientist has verified these products. All the ingredients used in these products are surely environment-friendly and health friendly too.

Chemical free detergents and soaps

Not all the detergents and soaps are made of hazardous materials. There are some detergents and soaps which are chemical free. They are made of organic ingredients which are quite health friendly.

Mopping and dusting

There are some tasks which individuals perform on a regular basis. Mopping and dusting are one of those tasks. You should dump the mop in a solution which is made of chemical-free soap. While doing dusting make sure the dirt is not spreading in all around.

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