Green Cleaners for a Healthy Home

Qualimaid supports nationwide efforts for a healthier, more environmentally-friendly world. For many professional cleaning companies, green cleaning is just another trend, one requiring some different products labeled “natural.” Our green cleaning service is an extension of what we already do on a daily basis—safeguard families.

As a professional cleaning company, we take pride in reducing the allergens, bacteria and germs that make your family sick. Our professional cleaners disinfect your home against rhinovirus and other common causes for colds, flu and allergies. That means fewer missed work and school days for you and your children.

Using eco-friendly cleaning products makes sense to us because it protects our residential maids, our customers, and our planet. We’re proud to share green cleaning tips and services that help our communities follow suit.

What Is Green Cleaning?

Many companies claim to provide “natural” or “green” home cleaning products and services. At Qualimaid, we won’t label a bottle of bleach “green” just because it’s in a recycled container. We won’t claim green cleaning products have disinfectant qualities, because we know organic cleaners don’t kill harmful bacteria. Instead of “green washing” we educate customers on our green cleaning products and business practices for a more balanced approach to home cleaning services.

Health Benefits of Professional Cleaning Services

In the United States alone, 1 billion colds are reported annually, according to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The Center for Disease Control reports 22 million school days are lost annually in the United States because of common colds.

Proper cold prevention, as recommend by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, includes eating a balanced diet, exercise, hand washing and home cleaning. Professional maid services disinfect stair railings, door knobs and other commonly used surfaces where Rhinoviruses live.

Besides reducing bacteria, cleaning provided by Qualimaid professional maid services reduce common allergens like dust and mold. Qualimaid specifically employs methods to control dust and prevent mold spores from returning.

As professional house cleaners, we ensure efficient home cleanings by using the right products and the right amounts. Many inexpensive, diluted cleaners leave a residue and require more work to clean your home. Our concentrated cleaners do more by using less.